Experts teach you how to set up shop

is one of the most basic process, buy space domain name, upload procedures, installation set up shop shop, upload data classification, supply logistics, payment to establish the shop opened, just a basic process, I now go to explain the steps.

A: buy space domain name

people to life needs to live in the house, and the space is like a house, used to place our shop, domain name as a number. Will guide you into our home. This is a very simple and practical to understand metaphor; then buy space, first you should pay attention to, what you need is what kind of space, your shop is PHP program, then you want to buy is PHP space, if it is ASP or ASP.NET code, then you should buy a WIN space; space you want to pay attention to the size, if you are general enough, enough pictures, then at least more than 500M of space. Choose a good space is the first step in your shop to run well, then, domain name? Well, yes, it is also a very important, a good record of the domain name in line with the Chinese people can be used. Do not have to think too complicated, too much meaning is not necessary to give, the guests do not understand, guests want to be simple and easy to understand; remember!

simple summary of the domain name: stable space to remember the domain name!

two: Shop program

open shop more, more natural procedures and the same way as Lu Xun and I have said before, the shop is divided into PHP, ASP, ASP.NET.JSP and so on some code written. So in advance to choose a good potential for the development of online shop program is essential. Now there are many free shop. Relatively large number of very good. You can try to download the trial, and pick out the best use. There are: SHOPEX ECSHOP HISHOP en, there are many, through the GOOGLEBAIDU search can search. If you do not understand how, the code does not understand, art does not understand. So choose SHOPEX. Suitable for people who do not understand. If you have a little knowledge of the code, understand the changes, to understand the expansion, then you can choose the open source shop procedures. After the development of powerful. You can ask the programmer to expand to supplement the initiative, or in their own hands for the wonderful


shop summary: stable code, can be upgraded. Easy to use. At least for guests. This must be!

three: install the establishment of shop

to install the establishment of the shop – this depends on what code you are using what procedures. Generally have the correct installation instructions. As long as you can do in accordance with the instructions of the need to pay attention to the place is a database input and the administrator input; the database is written on the database IP, user name, database name and password. This is the time to buy a space with the corresponding purchase. Space chamber tells you.


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