Analysys Liquor B2C penetration of less than 1% year revenue reached 3 billion 700 million



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technology news September 10th noon news, Analysys think tank data provided by the current domestic liquor electricity supplier B2C online penetration rate of less than 1%, this year the market size is expected to reach 3 billion 700 million.

enfodesk expects the size of 3 billion 700 million, accounting for about 6 of liquor, wine and other wine accounted for 3, the other category accounted for 1. By 2014, the size of the wine B2C online shopping users (at least once a year through the online shopping wine products) will grow from about 10 million 500 thousand people this year to about 21 million people. With the gradual increase in the repeat purchase rate and customer price, the entire wine online shopping market size will exceed 13 billion yuan.

in June and August this year, the two B2C website and the product is still wine liquor brewmaster network have completed C round of financing. In the case of the overall downturn in the capital environment, which is regarded as the recognition of the capital market segments.

Analysys think tank analyst Qi Jianzhe believes that the liquor business B2C market is still in the market cultivation stage, but the higher the threshold, with the upstream procurement advantages and can complete distribution and marketing services companies with investment value. (Yun Fang)

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