Multi sectoral brewing e-commerce policy is expected to be financial support

Rapid development of

e-commerce market

reporter recently learned exclusively, the relevant state departments are working on the development of the relevant industry guidance for online shopping, e-commerce companies in line with the conditions will be expected to get some financial support. Analysts said that as the implementation measures, the NDRC, customs and other relevant departments and local governments are expected to introduce a series of supportive policies.

to develop e-commerce has attracted high-level attention. This year, the government work report made it clear that to strengthen the trade circulation system and other infrastructure, and actively develop e-commerce". According to the objectives proposed by the Ministry of Commerce, to the end of 12th Five-Year, China’s e-commerce market size is expected to account for 5% of GDP.

in accordance with the current momentum of development, we generally believe that by 2015 the domestic e-commerce will account for GDP of 8%-10%." An e-commerce source told reporters that 5% of the target is relatively conservative estimate. According to iResearch consulting statistics, last year, this data in about 2%.

e-commerce will become a new growth point in the future economy." Liu Zhou, chief executive of venture capital, said that due to the integration of new technologies and traditional industries, both from the perspective of the development of new industries or expand domestic demand perspective, the prospects for e-commerce are very promising.

"ten years ago, if I still feel that the concept of electronic commerce, mostly because the whole matching, from logistics, payment, acceptance, even to that, but now the whole environment facilities is completely different." With the German capital founding partner Shao Jun said that after nearly ten years of development, domestic e-commerce has a lot of experience and accumulation, can be said to have reached a critical moment for the development of the industry.

but in the rapid development of e-commerce at the same time, there are some problems. According to informed sources, the State Department of Commerce and industry is currently on e-commerce business certification and consumer protection and other issues, to carry out research, the relevant management opinion is expected to be introduced in the near future. This will help to create a better environment for e-commerce development.


government policy, pay attention to the size of the market, the industry development foundation like "advantage of opportune like that e-commerce has become a hot spot this year all optimistic about the joint venture. In the spring conference recently held by the Qing Branch Group, from the deep venture, fortune, IDG, Sequoia Capital and Lenovo investment over investment speculators, facing the closure of the project put forward by the audience choice, almost all for e-commerce project.

, an investment bank, told reporters that "the Chinese government in order to strengthen in the field of electronic commerce to guide investment, improve the investment environment of e-commerce market, also began pouring money into the e-commerce market. This will prompt the arrival of a new upsurge of investment and financing."

"it is true that e-commerce is the hottest because of its special service"

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