SF into electricity supplier eventually settled a fancy high-end food market

newspaper news (reporter Zhang Yan) before it’s a raise a Babel of criticism of SF into electricity supplier eventually settled. Yesterday, the electronic commerce website "under the banner of the SF SF preferred launch ceremony was held in Beijing, the main selling sea seafood, imported fruit, cakes and other high-end food coverage, currently only in Beijing, 24 hours of home delivery commitment.

fancy high-end food market

said SF preferred CEO Liu Miao told reporters, although the business environment of fierce competition, but the market space is huge, the research shows that the electricity supplier in the high-end food market is almost blank, and the enormous market potential. He explained that the stars in the world of a high-end supermarket, monomer annual sales of 200 million yuan.


, of the SF preferred wholly-owned subsidiary, SF Group Chairman Wang Wei did not put forward the sales and profit tasks, but also did not disclose the investment amount. Liu Miao introduction, take a good platform, hit the brand, enhance the service is the current task, the current non-profit time plan.

payment system in the development of

SF into electricity supplier another unique weapon is the SF express service. The reporter understands, SF preferred SF group are selected express courier, the courier has entered this part of its employees and become the preferred SF, SF group separated, which not only in the product and the customer (many commercial SF express courier business) separately, but also no conflict.

addition, SF group has opened stores in Shenzhen, and apply to the payment of the license. But this time, SF preferred no convenience in Beijing

shop, did not choose SF group’s own payment system, in this regard, Liu Miao explained that the SF own payment system is still under development.

electricity providers express mutual penetration

now, courier and electricity providers have looked at each other positions. SF, Shen Tong (to enter the electricity supplier, before postal has already launched their online shopping mall, where customers, Jingdong; and taobao.com has or ready to build their own courier services. In this regard, the industry said that the courier do electricity supplier, mainly by the electricity supplier to attract a broad market, and electricity providers to do courier service is mainly due to dissatisfaction.

China Express Advisory Network chief adviser Xu Yong believes that the main business is SF express, is currently tested in the high-end business, in recent years, enterprises generally face increment does not increase profits, this phenomenon is easy to understand. But he believes the final courier and electricity supplier will return to the standard, specializing in surgery, the current electricity supplier do express courier to occupy the market share of less than 5%, the courier electricity supplier market share of less than 1%, are not enough to cause the pressure of competition to each other.

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