Discuss the success of nternet Marketing

the Internet, dominate the information era in twenty-first Century, has been witnessing a hero was born, has been a pity people give dying kicks out. The success of the Alibaba, not only the achievements of the Ma Yun, the achievements of the birth of a IT Empire, but also the achievements of this new model of Internet marketing stage, from that moment, people no longer have to endure the journey of suffering, nor is unable to get information on the supplier and self pity, just a mouse click, you can enjoy online, have the most detailed company information, at the same time through online payment, online ordering and other means to easily complete all the transaction procedures, easy and convenient for the enjoyment of the network brought about by Enze and asylum.

in the face of this promising sunrise industry, who can not ready to? Network marketing competition between the smoke so energy-saving, water from the wind. Overnight, Tintin Network, Jingdong such as Staples mall, excellence, the new darling of a multitude of names of different positioning, online shopping have cloth after big brother Alibaba in B2B dust, C2C and other fields have challenged the opinion leaders in a strong position, mutual rivalry, no and, through different means of marketing tactics to different patterns a discerning heart to impress consumers. However, a fierce down, they suddenly found themselves, always only a supporting role, a poor man for others to do the wedding dress. The true master of the Internet marketing has never changed, the Alibaba as a proven proletarian revolutionary soldier, thrives, firm and indomitable, firmly in control of the ship Chinese Internet marketing weathervane.

is in China, with Ma Yun, will not be allowed to have Zhang Yun, Wang Yun turned out that, if it is true, I think this is the Chinese Internet users Chinese is sad, sad, in the network have full access to the Web2. 0 time, interactive and community features more and more obvious, the network area of narrow thinking more and more bleak, international communication and exchanges more closely in the time, be an anachronism against Ma a single large, hard to support, to our Chinese Internet chengmenmian, is doomed to be a failure of the bet, because there is no strong the competition is not a development, no rival competitors will be very lonely, the Internet has made the Red Sea China irreversible Alibaba model, but there is a blue ocean, as well as the vast virgin land waiting for the governors to gallop race.

surprisingly, the first smell the recesses moving fragrant, but a look is more suitable for the beautiful mother as an understanding wife and loving mother, Wang Shutong. The former director of Microsoft, an important member of joyo.com, with rich marketing wisdom and pioneering spirit of dedication, to find their own Internet Chinese bread in a narrow space, a good woman to the Alibaba, shouted out to subvert WAL-MART’s heroic rhetoric, she wants to let more people understand that the B2B market is not limited to domestic, Alibaba and Taobao can not support the mishap of cross-border trade, is a very attractive market. > and

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