DC new choice of Hongkong servers are sought after


since 2009 Chinese government began to rectify the Internet industry, has led to many businesses and personal web sites cannot be accessed, caused by the loss is incalculable, so many businesses and individuals have realized the importance of a stable server. Due to the relative content of the server placed in Hongkong will be more relaxed, therefore, more and more people will be put on the eyes of the Hongkong server rental. But the current domestic IDC business this paper will explain some dragons and fishes jumbled together, some tips for the choice of the server:

1 select the strength of the formal space quotient

server and the stability of the space needs a certain technical strength to protect some of the strength of the space business, may not be able to provide good service, the server can not guarantee. One of the 52 flat-share network http://s.52hezu.com/server/ is more formal Hongkong space business, not only to ensure that the customer service service. To ensure the stability and speed of the server.

2 to ensure the user’s access speed and stability

speed is very critical, when a user to open your site, took 30 seconds has not been loaded, the user on this page has been given up to continue to browse your site. The stability is also very important, can not open the station every two or three days, the spider will give up absolute, you must pay attention to the probability of the site was attacked, so, should pay attention to and taking a good negotiation.

3 according to the size of the site and to provide services to determine what kind of choice to buy space (server)

usually spaces will have traffic, the number of connections and functional limitations, because it is a website to share a server, the stability will be affected, but the price is low; less server restrictions, more autonomous management, but the price is more expensive. According to their own needs to make a reasonable choice.


server space business in the domestic IDC market development has been imperative, from the aspects of the hand, service, price, quality, stability, speed and other advantages of full-scale domestic IDC market, 2013, Hongkong virtual host in the domestic IDC market will occupy a what kind of position is also difficult to predict, but can predict domestic use Hongkong virtual host users in the unceasing increase, of course, also look forward to the domestic IDC market can get comprehensive integration and Optimization in this round of competition, technology and services can promote some.