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your high speed stable network experience  

luxury hardware platform:

> > the minimal use of the same industry luxury server with
> > standard Xeon server configuration:
> > 2 CPU Xeon 2.4G + latest hyper threading technology offers 4 CPU computing platform
> > SCSI;
> > high speed storage equipment;; double check 2G RECC memory


[test account]

test server for running user server;
FTP address [] []
access address username [] password


stable security:

> > network successfully developed WIN2000 anti down system, when the server for various reasons, the performance degradation, preventing downtime system can find the problem and correct
> in less than 45 seconds; > server using hyper threading technology, multiple threads run concurrently on multiple processors, effectively prevent a user program card dead affect other user program of
> > message space and virtual hosting space placed on different hosts, completely separate
> > real-time virus protection system / hacker intrusion detection system / WWW service should use a firewall / intelligent resistance, shock wave and other malignant code red worm
> > every 7 days; a user data backup
> > even if the server hardware damage, we backup mechanism and disaster recovery system can also recover user data

in the shortest time



: superior speed

> > each user site to enjoy an independent process of service, the user is not affected by
> > room conditions are superior, export 2.5G [Click to view room]



> > the post office is powerful, beautiful and friendly interface, users can customize the email account for each account and the space occupied by
> > space all support ASP, PHP, CGI, ACCESS database, FSO file access, JMAIL mail.