The next big coffee business will be born in what industry

backed COFCO strong financial strength, continuous refresh amounts of financing, so I bought a net food business successfully overcome the "little man" epidemic: one is to adhere to the original "100% proprietary products, the supplier management system" and "food safety guarantee system, the whole process of a full uniform standards; two is the warehousing and distribution capacity spending huge sums to build efficient and safe, to ensure that food from the purchase of all aspects of customer service, warehousing and transportation service full control.

aircraft carrier made, the power comes from where

the first motivation comes from the health concept of the financial industry.

The strategic positioning of

Taikang Life is "health + Internet", which is part of a large health food health, which I bought net for health and food safety, the pursuit of highly fit. I bought the network CEO Zhao Pingyuan believes that the two sides of the user stickiness and customer base can make the two can better interact, form a virtuous cycle of mutual promotion.

it is understood that Taikang and I bought the network has carried out cooperation attempt, and the user has access to the positive feedback. The two sides will be in the future financial management, health, insurance and other aspects of the depth of cooperation, to achieve a healthy home".

second power big data, will solve the customer’s accurate positioning.

Internet heavyweights Baidu join, is expected to make me buy network successfully leveraging big data, precision marketing strategy, successfully solve the problem of "Tastes differ all tastes.".

as the world’s largest Chinese search engine, Baidu precipitated a lot of food, health data. After marriage I bought net, Baidu in big data base and I bought net open, both rich data in multiple dimensions, such as the promotion of healthy diet, I bought the network more accurately grasp and food recommendations for customers to achieve precision marketing, will flow into the data customization service.

your name on the table by hand, to reach the field

hunger breeds discontentment, food to safety first. Company + farmers, has been regarded as an important mode of agricultural industrialization. But when the milk industry because of adulterated milk and widely criticized, and frequently sell causal agricultural fruit industry losses, many of the "farm" in the name of the leading enterprises, begin to turn to "self": from the production base, to achieve storage and transportation, the whole chain of homegrown.

I bought net of goods at present has two channels: one is channel advantage relies on COFCO abroad, increasing the overseas direct mining, high-quality products in the global select, develop Chinese tastes two customization; I bought net origin direct mining on mining expansion of high quality fresh food.

Zhao Pingyuan said it would increase food safety regulatory inputs to achieve full coverage of self food. Especially for fruits and vegetables fresh aquatic products such as non-standard products, strict implementation of the "double insurance" mechanism: the introduction stage of goods, in addition to the product inspection party increased "I buy standard" audit; in the commodity storage stage, through the rapid detection of laboratory fresh again pumping batch audit. Focus on high priority items