Taobao business strategy to enhance the user experience elements of the 8 tips

a good operation, must be a good salesman, must also be a good customer.

understand the customer, in order to meet the needs of the customer to make the corresponding countermeasures, and impress customers, so that customers continue to choose you. Here I would like to talk about some of the user experience in Taobao.

1, the benefits of the user experience

customers come to our shop, see from the expression of professional main map and selling in place, and then click into the page, and then by the baby described in the product specifications and instructions of the professional, copy description of temptation, the product details of the quality of other elements to shake, to communicate with customer service the experience of customer service and sincere enthusiasm, patience. Then there is the single transaction, to wait anxiously, and receive the goods after the product is beautifully packaged, appropriate gifts and a warning page. After using the product, feel the real performance of the product, and bring to meet the expectations of the enjoyment of the heart. Finally, give the seller a good review and follow-up of the continuous purchase and referral.

a good user experience, will receive praise, praise the number of more, the role of the conversion rate is very large. Dynamic rating red, baby rankings will become better.

if it is a repeat of consumer products, praise + repeat purchase + referral.

if it is a non repetitive consumer products, praise + referral.

so, to enhance the user experience, we can earn more profits. Where can I improve the user experience in the entire sales process, each customer contact point is to enhance the user experience. So, there is a popular saying is: details determine success or failure.

if every place to do optimization, for us, is not particularly practical, more, we need to grasp some of the more important points to improve the user experience for Li Leiting where more important.

2, the user experience should pay attention to the place

baby main map, related baby, baby details page, zero risk commitment, gifts, packaging, customer service, etc..

baby main figure

baby main map is a shop facade, the main map of the professional, aesthetic and so on can let the customer to your shop and the level of consumption of the shop has a general understanding of the class.

each product has its own main map, in addition to professional, beautiful, there is a difference. We want to be the main map and the corresponding key around the main map is different, more creative than them, so that in the case of the same show, improve click through rate.

related baby

some customers come in, may see that the baby is not very much like, may also be due to factors such as price and give up the purchase, or, he may also need to see