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3 the role of gravity, but also cause sagging breasts. The beautiful curve sagging breast hinder mummy shape, more serious is that people have a sense of inferiority, affect people’s mental health. On both sides of the breast folds also tend to have erosion or suffering from eczema, and therefore the need for careful breast care, so as to restore upright posture.

5 don’t go on a diet to lose weight

from breastfeeding, we must insist on wearing a bra. If you do not wear a bra, the weight of the breasts will be significantly reduced after the increase. Especially in the case of work, walking, such as severe breast concussion, sagging more obvious. Wearing a bra, breast with support and support, the blood circulation of the breast, to promote the secretion of milk and improve the disease resistance of the breast are good, but also to protect the nipple from scratch and pain. Wear a bra, you should choose the right size, the style of the steel trust, wear after finishing, with both hands and breast fat around the rope to the bra, the breast looks plump, tall and straight.

1 breast is composed of fat and glands in lactation, breast gland and connective tissue to increase breast, lactation period, gland atrophy, breast smaller.

in the breast-feeding period, the mummy to take proper feeding methods, two of breast feeding should be alternating, when the baby to eat empty one breast, the mummy to the other side of the breast with the breast pump suction air, keep the size symmetrical on both sides of the breast. Don’t let the baby when feeding traction nipple. At the same time to avoid the occurrence of mastitis in lactating.

some of the face of their own fat body, eager to go on a diet to lose weight, the consequences of dieting is to make the breast adipose tissue also involved. With the reduction of breast is inevitable. For postpartum Mommy, weight >

period, the mummy will find a problem, the breast is getting smaller and smaller, and to sag, shaped like a bag. What is the reason for this?

in the shower, use showerheads red breast, it is best to alternate hot and cold spray, alternating hot and cold stimulation is helpful to improve the chest skin tension, promote blood circulation breast.

nursing methods:

3 regular massage breast

1 insist on wearing a bra

4 bath breast

every night before going to bed or get up, Mommy can lie on the bed massage. A hand index finger, middle finger and ring finger, put on the contralateral breast, nipple centric, clockwise from the breast circling the outer edge to the inside, on both sides of the breast 10 times each. This massage can promote local blood circulation, increase the nutritional supply of the breast, and is conducive to the secretion of estrogen.

2 lactation correct feeding

2 in the lactation period, in order to feed a baby, mother’s breast milk to make up a lot, breast enlargement, breast surface skin is drafting extended breast suspension elastic supporting structure is also reduced. Days after the elasticity decreased, causing breast sagging.

After the

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