Taobao malicious shield under the hand of social networking platform Taobao customer development hea


as the most influential business platform, the innovative Taobao off mode, let Taobao many sellers have therefore tasted the sweetness of the effect of Taobao is the biggest Internet visitors explore many websites to help sellers to sell products, and ultimately the formation of a win-win situation, arguably this profit model not only enables the seller to make the more, but also helps to improve the power seller in the Taobao system, but now Taobao fanshouweiyun rain, unexpectedly began to close off the development of Taobao, from the original development to limit this wanton, during which only spent a few years time.

so what is the reason that Taobao had to personally destroyed his hand to grow the profit model? Is the so-called tiger poison not to eat, but now Taobao has played the tiger food tragedy, which makes many Taobao customers and net down stations rely on Taobao customers earn money money, which and beauty is obviously a group of the most sad, did not want to become the two site Taobao upstream traffic sources, but because of an unwarranted charges, and suffered Taobao blocked, have to say this is a very miserable thing.

cut upstream flow import, guard against being suppressed


of Taobao to curb social electricity supplier Taobao customers, and even stage these web site web login entrance, it will suffice to push the Taobao. Taobao has cut its upstream drainage, such as WeChat, and beauty, the fundamental reason is worried about Taobao’s traffic will be the site of upstream monopoly, to know WeChat and beauty that website is very high for the user stickiness, once they become shoppers into the first place, and then from these sites to enter to Taobao, which means Taobao’s traffic entrance will not be a control of their own, occupy the dominant position in the electric field, naturally can not let the flow entrance become their tools to blackmail.

so in order to prevent the trend of the development of the premise, the formation of scale effect in the absence of the advance, containment is clearly a correct choice, this is like when Baidu became Taobao in order to prevent the flow entrance, quickly blocked Baidu on the Taobao store page crawl, let Taobao in the fierce competition will not always flow attenuation and worry. Of course, Taobao now more emboldened to flow into the upper reaches of the ban, because Taobao itself has micro-blog and other traffic entrance for their own use, so with the help of Taobao customer help marketing role is relatively lower.

Taobao guest development will be how to interpret

when Taobao began blocked, said such a beautiful social business website, many Taobao guest very worried about the fate of the site began, although their website traffic relative to the large social electricity supplier website, but also over their fraction, but since they belong to the same upstream diversion platform, this will give Taobao cut off, or directly cancel Taobao off? It is hard to confirm things, but I believe that, as an important way to attract Taobao passenger flow. "