will loan enterprises double eleven intensive bursts of high standard

eleven is coming, in order to celebrate the whole network boiling Festival, and I thank the fans for long term support to enterprise loan, I enterprises loan platform will release two high standard, to celebrate, two project amount is 500 thousand, the interest rate reached 15.5%, the majority of investors to pay attention to friends.

over the past year, our enterprise loan in the country’s first wind control mode of three powers, has been widely recognized and even fellow investors, funds managed by third party hosting platform "chinapnr capital", the funds and the platform investors realize the "physical" isolation platform, do not touch the money, put an end to the money may run away. In addition, the strength of the platform through the introduction of a financing Guarantee Corporation, through the supply chain research to provide users with the bank risk control, and for each project to carry out strict examination, to ensure the safe and efficient services to investors and Small and micro businesses. I am responsible for information management and business platform, is committed to providing users with more and better service. Funds hosting platform, financing Guarantee Corporation, net loan platform three party mutual supervision and control, through decentralization of power, risk diversification, effectively resolve and control the risk.

"day service" and "10 yuan investment" is a major undertaking I enterprise loan, so that investors get maximum use, avoid idle and waste of resources. Comprehensive function in daily service and 10 yuan investment, the largest I enterprise loan annual yield of up to 19.7%, this is not by increasing the investment risk investors to achieve, but by improving the efficiency of capital to achieve. I was the first enterprise loan interest interest daily, due to its technical difficulty, so far, the net loan industry did not follow up, daily service only I an enterprise loan. In addition, through the platform access chinapnr life liberty, to avoid the problem of funding guard, which greatly improves the utilization rate of funds.


enterprise loan platform relying on their own advantages, to create a medical Internet vertical net loan platform, from the many talent shows itself in the platform, become the representative of the rapid development of net lending platform, other platforms become the object of imitation, triggered a net loan platform construction of the vertical trend. Through the platform to build their own closed-loop chain in the pharmaceutical industry, effectively resist the risk, through an industry plough, the development trend of the industry to understand more clearly, more risk averse, resulting in segments of bigger and stronger. Emerging financial services to serve the real economy, the development of a model of the advantages of service industry depth practice, as a representative of the net loan platform service model innovation.


enterprise loan platform since its inception, the user experience will be placed in an important position, and through the financial security, security and other measures to provide the best service for the investors, the platform will also strengthen the construction of the risk reserve, legal aid, optimized in all aspects of operation mode, risk control so, through the innovation of risk control and the use of new technology, to achieve the highest efficiency, lowest cost and response to ensure project safety, in addition, the platform will launch the transfer of creditor’s rights, through the establishment of the internal market in two, so that investors in debt platform >