O2O bubble caused by entrepreneurship, venture capital will tend to which areas

Internet era, we are like a swarm of bees O2O entrepreneurship. Today you do anything, there are a bunch of people behind the excitement, the competition is bound to be fierce. And the angel now soared to more than 30 thousand, compared with the stimulating return difficult. Some venture capital institutions information is not transparent, investors invest a lot of randomness. Now the investment is starting to be cautious.


, for example, today’s capital investment Jingdong said to defeat opponents through huge subsidies, resulting in a large number of venture capital institutions to follow suit. O2O investment contract, burn patterns lead to hot money financing, dispersed, especially the investors to invest in the U.S. group, after such drops, found abnormal financial situation is bad, need to continue to invest money to disperse, everyone is nervous. Money seems to solve the problem.

investment O2O no? Now there is no wind direction? Turn to

industry B2B or VR, the general direction is no problem, but the business model has yet to be discussed. B2B is suitable for the industry as a new investment trend, because a large number of industrial oversupply, but too many stocks, while the traditional channels, intermediaries and bad to do, then began to run toward B2B.


service is still a good chance that the demographic dividend is driving the development of China’s economy, the labor price, private enterprises need to enhance management efficiency. For example, HR enterprise service is a very high frequency. However, any company wants to continue to develop the core competitiveness. As a product technology, which is the core competitiveness of enterprises in the service seems to be low threshold, this time is the need to compare BD (Business Development) capacity.

from a hard point of view, the entrepreneur is clearly not the technical threshold, if the investment in the field of VR, then there are still a number of content providers to provide opportunities, is likely to become a pioneer.

start from the national happiness to all people cry, will return to reason, to know that entrepreneurship is a very difficult thing, pig life pass said, O2O venture especially not as follow the fashion district. To know the present situation is that the venture capital institutions are very difficult to make money. O2O also does not represent the paradigm shift, and its stick to the name of no practical significance, but also to explore the O2O wave behind, allowing entrepreneurs to subvert the opportunity.

O2O what are the opportunities to be tapped for entrepreneurs to try


O2O, that is, through the network to buy services, that is, Service EC (S-EC). For example, restaurants, yoga, fitness clubs, you need to be able to provide integrated services to the field, the consumer from the online guide to the line, called Online to Offline". For example, the popularity of smart phones, is a milestone in the service provider. Consumers access to the Internet anytime, anywhere, with WIFI, through mobile phone authentication of personal information, payment activities, generous