Shutter $one billion market value of the potential business

Americans really enjoy shooting digital photos. According to the National Geographic (NationalGeographic) statistics, 5 years ago, we took a total of 53 billion digital photos. Last year, we took 80 billion pictures. By 2015, this figure is expected to grow to 105 billion, equivalent to the shooting of 322 per person per year. However, one day is an arithmetic average. A lot of people can do so much in a month – if you’re just going to have a birthday party for a 7 year old, you’ll be able to do so much for a long time. This can not help but wonder why investors will avoid the shutter (Shutterfly) stock it?

this is a company has quietly become a source of online video market power. The shutter network was established in 1999, the first business is sold through the network 4× 6 inch photo printing service, then the business is expanding to the album, personalized mug, wedding invitations and Christmas card covers a wide range of imaging products and stationery products.

shutter is now hosting 15 billion photos for consumers, and manages a shared social networking site that is controlled by the 5 million consumers, as well as teams, schools and other groups. In such a frustrated many companies in the market, the shutter net is one of the few winners in recent years, the company SONY, YAHOO, the American Greetings Corporation annexed (AmericanGreetings) and some have unlimited scenery pictures website all recently acquired Kodak, the company’s online service.

shutter network for photography enthusiasts to provide a very valuable service, where the main service is free unlimited storage of full resolution images, is the first cloud storage provider. Is to provide all free storage service concept, consumers may want to take some photos of them sometimes made into T-shirts, key chains, and even made into a 4× 6 inches of classic old photos, and most things are not free.

guess what? A lot of people do it. As the recently released "Forbes 25 of the fastest growing technology companies" (FORBESFastTech25) is a member of the list, the shutter net revenue this year is expected to reach $582 million, since 2009, an increase of up to a staggering 137%. At the end of March, the shutter net no debt, with $144 million in cash reserves, in addition, this year there will be 100 million dollars. Shutter market capitalization of nearly $1 billion, the stock market believes that the company’s value and the value of Instagram, which was Facebook (Facebook) to $1 billion in cash and stock acquisitions. Although Instagram has a lot of users (30 million), but it lacks the basic business factors such as revenue, profit and scale. Instagram has dozens of employees, and the shutter is >