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domestic survey showed that: 86% of women with lobular hyperplasia of the breast have never reached orgasm in sexual life. Another data show that first marriage age, the incidence of breast cancer is higher, it also reflects the importance of normal life to maintain normal breast physiology.

in the female sexual response cycle, there will be significant changes in the breast, such as nipple erection, breast swelling, etc.. Sexology experts believe that if a woman is always sexually excited and can not reach orgasm, the body will feel extremely uncomfortable, the release of sexual tension is not easy to develop into spasm and pain.

from the Chinese perspective, uncoordinated long-term sex is easy to get angry, liver qi stagnation, qi stagnation and blood stasis coalescence and milk addiction. Balma said "western medicine including breast lobular hyperplasia and breast fibroma" etc.. Therefore, the quality of sexual life directly affects the physical health of female breast.

at present, the incidence of breast cancer in Western Europe, North America and other countries have accounted for the first place of malignant tumors. In China, Shanghai, Beijing and other big cities, the incidence of breast cancer is not only the first place in women’s malignant tumors, breast lobular hyperplasia and the incidence of breast fibroma is also rising rapidly.

(internship editor: He Lili)

expert statistics, breast hyperplasia in women aged 30 to 50, the incidence rate of about 15%, in the breast specialist clinics accounted for between 50% to 70%. So, what factors increase the incidence of breast disease?

medical scientists through a large number of clinical observation found that breast disease and women’s sexual life has a very important link, women’s sexual repression can increase the incidence of lobular hyperplasia of breast and breast cancer incidence.

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