Micro-blog marketing enterprises need to solve the following problems

micro-blog marketing can is now one of the most popular marketing tool, you might imagine a recognized micro-blog fans can bring much effect to the spread of enterprises or individuals, as a traditional enterprise, want to use such a new thing of your own marketing, but in many cases, can do and as a successful enterprise is not much, the reason mainly has the following problems, following by hall Thai garment Xiaobian for you one by one.

1, quick success, anxious, said this, one day, just when the rise in micro-blog, many grassroots people did see a development path of micro-blog future good, but also through the day and night of creative work, and won many fans. As the first attempt of the companies want to through the way of starting, and win the attention, but everyone knows that such a path is totally unacceptable, as one of the criteria for the success of micro-blog, the number of fans, some enterprises are used as the most common approach is to exhaust all the skills, the purchase of the number of fans in order to mislead potential concern there are some enterprises, through the flexible arrangement of valuable prizes or gifts to attract fans for its dissemination and so on. Perhaps this approach can really attract the attention of others to a certain extent, but the long term, prizes or gifts such a move, is like a bottomless pit, what time can be finished filling the desire of potential concern? Moreover, enterprises in the micro-blog marketing intention is to bring order or not related to such a group of customers or like a corpse fans, the enterprise can expect him to bring what role


positioning information is unknown, chaos, spread in the micro-blog world with such a word, fans who in the world, just contact for this application of social enterprises, to win the attention, and today is the most easy to get fans approach is through revelations or interesting events released to win the attention of the world, many companies also want to the method of pre gathered popularity, then promote their products or services, but when attention has been immersed in the habit of blogger sets them interesting content, once the latter changed the style, even if it is cut off by a little advertising, but also let the fans are very disgusted, this is like when everyone knows you are corrupt, whatever you do and remedy, in the eyes of others you still corrupt a reason, so companies such as A special user groups, should be more of a combination of online and offline channels to better promote their own, win customers where.

3, a serious lack of interaction, now a lot of companies released micro-blog information is that such a situation, is that many users are passive to accept such information, no interaction can publish information, the enterprise itself is not much, if not well interact with the fans. So off the powder is every minute thing, how to fully mobilize the enthusiasm of all enterprises need to make efforts in this regard.

4, can not form a team operation, we all know the power of a person

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