The use of post and resources to obtain the potential customer base

remember the first job is network marketing, then through the network to sell veterinary drugs, so how to find customers, or that is how to make customers can find you? A method that is used in Baidu post Post Bar, then sell is naturally related to veterinary drugs, will send each Post Bar. At the beginning of the post for the management of advertising is not so strict, basically can be done casually. Post Bar Baidu as the world’s largest Chinese community, classification clear, have the same interests and hobbies can be in a bar inside the exchange of ideas and perspectives of the large user groups as can be imagined, is certainly not small business opportunities.

up to now, we still can be found in various industries such Post Bar, many enterprises in the advertising, but a lot of it has become the advertising area, in addition to network marketing personnel, there is no other user account, in this inside the advertising effect, of course, if you say to send the outside of the chain, the chain can take enough, so it can be said, is a bit, I Post Bar is Baidu’s own products, the weight is very high, of course, the premise is to the success of the link you can leave.

since Baidu post bar has such a large user base, so naturally is a very important battlefield marketing network. If you still like the old pattern, like the post in the classification of information on the website advertisement in the Post Bar inside, is certainly not enough, and that is likely to be deleted, said even went up, the most is a chain effect, to really play the role of marketing, also need to use some skills, now I will introduce one method, this method is not very fresh, but very practical!

you can now enter the SEO, you can find a lot of sharing SEO video tutorial e-books or post, is to let everyone to leave QQ mailbox, or after the subscription automatically sent to the mailbox, and some let plus QQ, and then give you a download link and so on, use this way to acquire a large number of contacts and subscribers.

of course, the title of "resources" two words can not only refer to the ebook or video, but to other users need, may be either a video, e-books, the software may be, may also be a seed, there may be a "help" (with QQ free of charge to help you diagnose a corporate website the problem). This approach can be applied to almost all industries!

took the maternal and child related Post Bar it, you can make a related books, and then posting on Post Bar inside, to write a good title, what healthy parenting ah, what XX master tell you how to increase nutrition to children and the like, anyway, we will not write the words, you can look at the Title How to write the party. And then is to add friends or directly to the mailbox, and this type of e-book production is actually very simple, we just need to find some really useful in the industry information

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