Do you think the user is a fool Q & a marketing these mistakes absolutely can not commit

as a way of marketing communication, Q & a marketing in professional terms, a lot of people may feel strange, even though we often contact but no sense. An example may illustrate the problem, such as manufacturing enterprises, product marketing and more professional exhibitions. Even if the exposition site description of the details, the intention of the customer to understand the consultation, the majority will also understand the network side. With a certain product, "so how" how the brand "and so on word retrieval, and just perfect quiz marketing, to help users more questions at the same time, can effectively improve the marketing transformation.


ask marketing practices such as website not sticking to formalities, knowledge and information page, add "how", "good" Pan Long Tail words, it is a kind of common method. Because at this stage the main channel for users to search information is still a search engine, so similar to Baidu know, Sogou ask, 360 questions and answers and other search their own products, the weight is very high ranking has also been used a lot. Q & a marketing implementation is not an easy thing, put aside all platforms on the strict supervision of the marketing paste, the successful operation of a certain amount of technical skills do not speak. Due to a lack of understanding of marketing routine, even if successful host computer operation may not be able to win user acceptance, play a due role in transformation.


does not boast a blush

blow will never happen, but also no, many companies are not ashamed to do. However, if this life will be difficult to move to the Q & a marketing, but it does not necessarily have the effect, but easily lead to suspicion and resentment. In particular, advertised as the best in the industry, the strongest, the first sensitive areas such as vocabulary. Pilot baldgood network marketing and website construction in more than and 10 years, too many colleagues claim to It is quite common for the first, the most cattle, but in fact these companies have now mostly disappeared. The main purpose of the Q & a marketing is to provide evidence for the user’s subjective judgment, improve the effectiveness of marketing transformation. So in the Q & a copy, you can moderate packaging clever guide, so that users can enhance confidence and not excessive bragging.

error two: slander opponents no bottom line

is only to identify, especially for weak brand or a new brand, in marketing quiz, choose the reference standard can improve the conversion rate. However, the comparison should be based on objective neutrality, not malicious slander. How about a brand suppliers, users can judge selection by multiple queries, site visit, not a word or two questions about marketing. So, in the standard type marketing quiz, and slander as praise. I still remember the year when starting to become the Inner Mongolia Mengniu Dairy industry, "second" for the nation to live up to expectations, Yili learning "advertising creative, praise others and raise their own, very worth learning from the marketing quiz.

error three: a vest to wear


this is a common mistake, as it is now

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