The Enlightenment of Xiao Shenyang’s success to our grassroots webmaster


Xiao Shenyang  
  basic data; gender: male
formerly: Shen He
Name: Xiao Shenyang age: 26
two or three)

2006 lunar calendar in August fifteen by Zhao Benshan received as a disciple, he dresser the offbeat song and dance duet performances caused a stir in Liu big stage.

related information: annual Spring Festival Gala, the audience are looking forward to Zhao Benshan’s essay, but this year, the situation has changed subtly. Zhao Benshan proud disciple Xiao Shenyang (Shen He), Zhao Benshan may be snatched the limelight. Xiao Shenyang’s "I want to be a star" particularly prominent in the Spring Festival evening review, became a horse off stand out from the dark horse, everyone applauded. "Why is that?" Xiao Shenyang’s line has become a popular language in the Spring Festival gala. Who is Xiao Shenyang? Now if someone ask, maybe get a fan of Xiao Shenyang brick. More than one insider told reporters: Xiao Shenyang will be the 2008 Spring Festival secret weapon".

text: Zhao Benshan’s 2008 kens disciple Xiao Shenyang fire. Xiao Shenyang is not a star, like our webmaster as "poor", born as an actor, why he can find all possible fire? Fine can give us some enlightenment to the grassroots.

creative based

Xiao Shenyang was able to fire the first point is a good idea. The same is the performance is the same song and dance duet, he borrowed dresser ideas, develop their own unique style, performing such positioning so he set his own unique image, to the audience that find everything fresh and new feeling, laid the foundation for success. Similarly, for our grassroots webmaster, also give their own web site with unique creativity, good ideas, so that you can attract people, the same type of site, you can stand to give people a deep impression.

content is king

Xiao Shenyang can be successful is not just the image of his men dressed as a woman to attract people, his humorous eloquence, unexpected funny burden so that he was recognized by the audience, directly to his success. "Sister, you said this is why?" "well… ~ I haven’t sing it, and…" "sister you can catch me?" "you sing well again." "you see me old. But I have abnormal old.." "the sun Oriental bright, three, our" what kind of "go in the way of others, let others no way!" "that I should call you what, old aunt" Oh "sixty years back to the cactus flower " use the language, let his performance is really full up. So, as a webmaster also need to be like Xiao Shenyang, continue to enrich their own content, the most important

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