How does the product manager work early First of all you have to do these 6 points

product manager for the primary, the first contact work is nothing more than to write competitive analysis, do some simple demand planning, communication and design, research and development, the demand of QA, follow up the progress of the project. To accomplish these tasks, you need to learn:


1 exercise understanding of their products.

beginners may beginners will be a prototype tool and a case of kidnapping a superb collection of beautiful things pile, think of others and their fancy features bright blind eye dog program, but only for their own products do not understand, my mind was full of something else. Such PM usually talk with others in general is:

A (boss): do you think it is reasonable to put four tabs here?

P (PM): of course, reasonable, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, WeChat ah do so. This is the general trend of the world.

A: so we do not function on the page layout so


P: no problem. This is the most common way to do this, and it is the most popular way to interact. The only color design is an international popular design concept Minimal.

A: Well, is it necessary for us to do this?

P: there are several competing products, we do not have a bad word,



‘s understanding of their products is divided into several aspects:

understanding of the company’s positioning, with the boss and investors about

understanding of user positioning, with the company’s positioning and market conditions

understanding of product positioning, with the user’s positioning and the introduction of the original intention of the product

understanding of the company’s R & D capabilities, including design, development and operational capabilities

understanding of the status of other departments, including the various departments in doing things, the state of the


in short, every decision you make must be based on a wide range of understanding of the product, rather than the understanding of the competition, the understanding of the market factors.

is the only way when designers make you are not satisfied with the script you can say "the style you may be suitable for young people, but our target customers are business people", rather than "you this is not enough air, no feel";

when you request the engineer can change a seemingly insignificant BUG said "subsequent operations plan several large-scale activities, if the traffic volume will instantly soared, you this BUG will be magnified 10 times, so it is very dangerous," rather than "important is not your engineer set, is set product manager you just need to change,"


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