Startups to tell the story of the seven deadly sins too many professional terms, are not personalize

Original: The Seven Deadly Sins

of Startup Storytelling is the author of Andy · Smith – writer, entrepreneur, consultant and other multiple identities. He is good at psychology, social media and marketing mix factors together to create a classic brand. Translator: Jing Ni.


imagine a picture, you have already booked a taxi, but now even a ghost didn’t appear, when asked to call the operator just said impatiently, "he is arriving in fifteen minutes". Fifteen minutes later, you have to make a phone call, the operator said, "the driver has been on the road, minutes to". Then he snapped and hung up the phone. You’re so cold in the street, it’s completely dark, and even if the taxi is coming, you’re already late…… If you have a mobile phone application that allows you to find a free taxi or private car, can take you to any place you want to go, is not great but also unique? This is a pioneer force? Excellent step background, their marketing slogan is popular that "people excellent step".

said the left brain thinking mode of marketing strategy, most companies will use the traditional – logical research, price, planning books. But the fact that the use of customer sentiment is a better marketing tool. Just like Danny · poor grams in his book "incentive" wrote that, "the right brain thinking is a new competitive weapon". To stimulate the right brain thinking customer can take a business concept with an individual feelings together, causing a deeper binding effect. The best form of this form is storytelling.

however, tell a good story with a wonderful business that gossip is completely different, although the use of the techniques are similar, but the story is not easy to talk about business too dull is easy too bizarre, especially on the business of this kind. You may encounter such examples in real life. From my experience, you can’t teach a specific enterprise how to tell the story, just like you can’t teach a person how to form a personality, but at least I can tell you what mistakes should be avoided.


is just narrative, no rendering

One of the most basic Storytelling Secrets of

is "to render, not just to describe", of course, the premise of rendering the content is true. Time to communicate with the audience, not just straightforward, but to tell them what you do and what you feel, with real feelings to impress them, and let them resonate naturally. The general public does not just passively accept a fact or some information, they will continue to listen to the process of adding their own understanding and feelings.

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