Local talent website how to resist the attack of Chile

recently Zhaopin and chinahr.com in second tier city activities, Nantong Jianghai talent network CEO last night to me, is the first local talent website competition; second is invasive and Zhaopin chinahr.com, do the market chaos. In the domestic trouble and foreign invasion, he lost the direction, don’t know how to resist Zhaopin and chinahr.com attack, believe that most of the second city talent website have encountered such a situation.

Zhaopin won a local talent net to defense


Zhaopin again won $110 million in venture capital, the next step of what he wanted to do? Yu Bin that he must expand to second tier city, from a long-term perspective, local talent website should cooperate with each other, to build a solid defensive line, and not in the old customers and compete for individual members, let off.


VC record:

1999 received US $6 million investment ";

received a $about 2000000 investment in a European financial company in 2004;

June 2005, Lenovo and Acer network wind to its investment of $10 million;

October 2006, Australia and New Zealand’s largest network recruitment company SEEK2000 million investment

siege strategy

Zhaopin and chinahr.com.When

Zhaopin and chinahr.com attack in the second city, the main advantage is to burn: Baidu promotion, newspaper ads, TV ads, mobile media, outdoor advertising, these are their goals, there is an advantage of the crazy telephone marketing,

many customers are being harassed exhausted, but they still do, the original site of local talent and cultivate good market, it was ruined by the alien invaders.

how to defend against their attack?

prepared in the recruitment and chinahr.com before or has arrived, can to do the following:

1, to strengthen cooperation with the media, including newspapers and television;

2, to strengthen cooperation with local schools, students are the end users;

3, to strengthen communication with the local government in order to achieve better opportunities for cooperation, such as the talent market and talent center;

4, Baidu in the bidding query they buy keywords as well as the price for a computer using the ADSL keyword, click the wizard button with their brush, because there is a limit to their Baidu promotion, such as the daily limit how many times click or click on the how much money do not appear in Baidu promotion. And they have to invest in the second tier cities Baidu promotion budget, beyond the budget, they will reduce the traditional media investment in the promotion of Baidu, for the second tier cities to invest so much, smart people >

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