A wonderful idea to get traffic

Hello everyone, I am my music 123 entertainment navigation country. Just graduated from college this year, just entered the community, looking forward to know more webmaster friends. Below to share a wonderful way to get a large flow. Cut the crap, see text:

1, apply for mailbox, toll free

2, set the mailbox options automatically reply, the specific reply is to look at the content of your request, the content is specific what can be based on your own actual editing. Do mobile SP advertising or promotion of your site can be. The most suitable type of Web site or promotion.

3, to the forum, QQ group Post Bar, QQ friends and chat room posting, because contact is only mail, not let the administrator or moderator resentment and suspicious web site or QQ number, so this way is extremely subtle advertising. For example, Baidu Post Bar "network construction." released the following content: I pick up three years to win many unexpected rival in the struggle, she finally agreed to be my girlfriend, this is happy!! thanks for the gift, decided to free for everyone to do a website, two level domain name, space, technology I you can say, as long as you request, after writing to top posted

After the

[email protected] letter will soon receive automatic reply, then watch him in reply URL, then your flow will come.

4, this idea is suitable for all, including the 163, ChinaRen, etc., with automatic recovery function and anti spam very poor mailbox.

many people do not know in the forum, Post Bar, QQ QQ group chat room friends what the post here, I’ll give you an example from the post. You can take it directly. The original text is too long not hair, has been put on my music I 123 entertainment navigation. Need friends can refer to. Original website: http://s.wole123.com/fanwen.htm

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