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30s advocate fine

since ancient times, people have a variety of aesthetic point of view to give the female breasts to enrich the meaning, but different aesthetic but in three words: it is "sex", "love" and "beauty". And women express the three words in their own way. In ancient Rome, women in the breast cosmetic powder used, wipe grease, so as to make it more beautiful decoration; Indian girls also love pictures depicted on the breast; ancient Europeans think breast waist is characteristic of female beauty, was topless with have been very popular, so as to fit the breasts acts in social situations.

high fever chest worship the Hollywood star Marilyn – Monroe rise and peak?. The lining in tights and a female, double breasted tip shaped like the outstanding.

after the Second World War, women of the latest image is: tall rounded chest, small shoulders, waist, female underwear appears uplift pad. 50s highlights the cusp shape

life is the most representative of the beauty of women is the curve of the body, and the curve of the most dazzling bright spots are plump, tall and rounded breasts. Breast fitness is based on physical and mental health, because the United States is the normal function of the breast gland, a symbol of human health.

Europe at this time is the "Jazz Age", do not advocate developed plump chest. The ideal image is relatively flat. This was in the form of society – the first time a woman had entered the labour market and had just become a voter. At that time the young woman wore a tight bra to reduce the chest.

and the attitude of our culture to the breast can be a mild implicit in four words. In terms of the existing written records, women’s hair, teeth and hands of the poems and articles, but the breast is generally classified as privacy, rarely mentioned. In China’s classical love culture, the breast and shoulder, abdomen, buttocks and other parts of the same, there is no special significance. The breast is small, milk, the ancients called clove milk, so not only women’s breast, but corset. The cult of the breast in modern society makes it the core of a sex symbol, rather than the western civilization. With the change of the times, people’s aesthetic perception of women’s breasts is changing subtly.

50s emphasizes cusp

this time, quiet, elegant fragrance intoxicating style for body. Stylish women have to drill into the skin is now complete personal dress, flat chest women with tights, hold up the breast.

40s structural sense

60s free swing

high fever chest worship by the Hollywood sexy kitten — Marilyne Monroe rise and reached the peak?. The lining in tights and a set of female breasts, tip shaped like protrusions, and American cone bra is typical in its own sewing to emphasize the sharp sense of breast.

20s advocating flat


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