Micro marketing promotion ideas! t’s not just a powder

Hello Hello everyone I am 90 micro business small crooked today to talk about the topic is "micro marketing is not blindly add powder".

whether it is playing micro-blog or playing WeChat, or public accounts, everyone is eager to get a rapid increase in fans. So teach powder cheats most courses we many individuals and businesses sought. So a number of lawless liar fudge also look at the opportunity to wantonly promote how magical N plus powder method and how much of the software brings a lot of precision fans. When we do not understand the promotion do not understand these are bound to be fooled, so today to give you the popularity of the concept of promotion.

first said why micro marketing is not blindly add powder it because the primary micro business is constantly adding fans!

When we are doing

PC end computer traditional end projects or products, to promotional advertisement, can let the user by clicking directly to our website or store… But we do WeChat promotion time, customers also need to dig out your mobile phone or sweep micro signal input sweep your WeChat two-dimensional code. So this process will make your promotion greatly reduced. If we are on the increase and maintain the powder micro marketing activities for us, really is dead. This kind of micro marketing is the essence of a finger to make money.

micro marketing is communication between people, so most need to do is to enlarge the reputation of viral transmission.

when we have some communication promotion base groups can go through word of mouth, such as our foundation for the promotion of the first round of the A access to the customer with our purchase transactions, then we can let the customer A help us through forwarding client A circle of friends, pull customers A boudoir honey, friends and relatives bestie etc.. Of course, this pull first of all to your product is good enough, then it still needs some marketing skills, or else they will not help you to promote. Therefore, micro marketing must not be a low level of powder.

promotion so important? There is no doubt very important, because both the computer terminal or mobile terminal operations, micro marketing needs, need to promote the flow of tourists fans, no promotion of your circle of friends created perfect, WeChat is a closed social. You can’t make a deal. No promotion of your page copy again again also nobody knows not so… As a generalization of micro marketing is very important, if someone gave you only talk about shape tells you promotion is not important it is nonsense. Can only say that he would not know how to promote!

can only say micro marketing promotion should be put in shape, because I said you can not change the customer through the shape of the circle of friends, your product and personal charm is not shaped before OK promotion is a waste of time. Because the customer you can not transform them, so it is very important to promote but to distinguish between primary and secondary.


finally, let’s talk about what is accurate

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