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      talent is the most important product, you can sell, you can lease, you hire a talent to help you do you put your own ability as a product of the external lease it? If you want to hire talent, lease their own, or want to establish a talent leasing site, please join me to explore.

      Witkey website is temporary service. The service is mainly achieved through the network. But in real life there are many units, families, individuals need a variety of temporary, face to face personnel services, including a variety of physical services, professional guidance, skills training, consulting, teaching experience, etc.. This short-term talent service market demand, there are a lot of people are willing to use their spare time, proficiency in a particular line to meet this temporary service needs and benefits, so the concept of talent leasing network, talent leasing network provider is the dissemination of information, communication to build temporary talent demand and service the platform, to create a professional talent and talent lease professional service platform"

      first, market demand analysis

      (I), from the seven stages of life analysis of the demand for rental services market:

1, education, also known as the study period, 8-20 years old, there are various types of family education needs, the need for cultural tutors, piano, painting and other professional tutor.

2, independent, 20-30 years old, the main employment, business consulting needs. Need full-time or part-time employment guidance, entrepreneurial guidance consultant for short-term guidance. Experience is very important, the young people to apply for the best job can get the guidance of senior advisers.

3, nesting period, 25-35 years old, there are wedding services, shopping guide and other needs. Need to guide the staff, wedding planners, buyers decoration consultants, shopping consultants and other personnel for short-term service.

4, full nest -1, 30-40 years old, (also called family growth period), the main guidance during pregnancy, Yuesao, nanny demand.

5, full nest -2, 40 – 55 years old, (also known as children’s education, but also the cause of the golden period), the needs of the nanny, tutor, purchasing, errands and other life service personnel, training, secretarial, shorthand, legal counsel, on behalf of the drive, agency, moving and other service personnel work.

6, the empty nest, between the ages of 50-60, mainly retirement arrangements, need investment advisers, hobbies, professional teacher guides, errands and other service personnel.

7, a free period, between the ages of 60-80, mainly to accompany. Need a babysitter, escort, chatting and other personnel.

the above analysis can be seen in various stages of our life are in need of various types of temporary service personnel, this short-term personnel service demand will promote the birth and development of personnel leasing industry. Domestic companies, 1 companies, public errand Yuesao

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