The most simple network marketing process

as early as the emergence of human beings, marketing appeared. In the Bible, "Old Testament" of the first chapter (of course, this is not the beginning of human), we see the eve Tousijinguo to persuade Adam, but Eve is not the first marketing staff, the title should belong to the eve to persuade Adam to sell fruit snake, of course, increasingly developed in the network today, network marketing has become the enterprise value, because the network marketing is just on the keyboard gently out of a few, you may order already at hand, maybe you made a big business, this is the network marketing


and network marketing is the most simple a long and by various marketing activities related activities: is composed of the whole web site planning —- —- —- —- the internal optimization of website customer service network to promote the overall marketing marketing initiative —- —-

overall marketing recommendations:

traditional sales and Internet

internal optimization recommendations:

first point: every day to update the content, to ensure the quality of content.

second points: the publication of a large number of articles, technical and interesting knowledge, to attract more visitors, and make him stay.

third points: we in the promotion of products, to stand in the customer’s point of view to consider the needs of customers.

fourth: search engine optimization

fifth points: the installation site monitoring software, a full track website traffic

online customer service recommendations:

first point: to ensure 24 hours customer service.

second points: to improve the professional quality of customer service (product knowledge, sales skills, communication skills)

third: product pricing strategy.

fourth points: MSN, E-MAIL, telephone consultation, letters, etc.

network promotion proposal:

first point: in the major search engines do promotion, (Baidu, Google, Sina, YAHOO, etc.).

second: exchange links with major industry portals.

third: online trading platform (Alibaba, HC promotion etc.).

fourth points: email promotion.

fifth points: Forum promotion.

sixth: if possible, form a coalition with large portals. For example: Lining NetEase named sports channel, Sina and Nike, Sohu and Anta, QQ.COM and 361 etc..

active marketing:

first point: physical store sales.

second points: experiential marketing, such as organizing events, customer meetings, etc..

third points: personnel sales

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