Huang Taiji’s online marketing model can be copied

[introduction] "marketing is service", he Chang said, "Huang Taiji marketing fully completed in the mobile phone." Huang is currently on the micro-blog marketing, WeChat, we are still trying."

Tencent science and Technology Wang sail reported on November 19th

more and more people began to predict that the traditional industry will embrace the Internet, the revolution has begun to spread to various industries. However, for the traditional industries, not like a swarm of bees to find a "universal solution", actively and rationally on the experience of the Internet and mobile Internet products, and for its use, will become the key to the future.

"if the Internet was only a tool for economic development, the Internet has now become the economic development itself." Huang Taiji founder He Chang, sitting in the SoHo store in Beijing, began to explain what is a zero marketing marketing model, the mobile Internet is how to integrate into the brand building and management structure of the company.

Huang Taiji was born in the pancake fruit shop last summer, yesterday in Chaowai SOHO official business third stores in Beijing city. More than a year’s time, he Chang and his partner to one of the most common street selling fruit pancake, made a monthly sales of 1 million 600 thousand yuan, the valuation of billions of dollars of modern brand. Next year, they will continue to open 6 stores in beijing.

in the catering industry is the most traditional but in the business, Huang Taiji reflects the emergence and initial success is a combination of mobile Internet and traditional industries, new business models and achieve efficient and low-cost operation.

marketing is the service, the service comes from the interaction, interactive brand image

"marketing is the service," he said, "Huang’s marketing is complete on the phone."

mobile social era, with the help of micro-blog Sun Life and interaction. PC era, the flow of information received geographical location and time constraints. Mobile era, the interaction between the brand and the user in a timely manner, through the social circle almost no cost of communication. In addition, through the proper operation of micro-blog account, Huang Taiji literary cool brand image is easier to communicate with the user to build up.

, "the guys who drink Starbucks, eat pancakes here, too." He Chang said that the two brands of literary and artistic appeal and direct dialogue with the user’s practice, so that Huang has jumped to rely on media publicity and advertising in the two step.

For example:

first store no parking spaces, in order not to let the car was towed away, Huang Taiji launched the car service; second store opened the first day the fans in front of the wood easy to stumble, the same day they removed the wood. Even at the beginning of a beautiful wife, a Mercedes send pancakes thing also became Huang Taiji fans are a hot topic.

in order to be able to attract more users to participate in interactive social platform, creative and fun is very important." He Chang said that Huang Taiji always allows fans to play up. For example

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