Take heart, creative and interactive content marketing how

: Skoda is famous by Nene bike in Europe, and they do not just sell the car, every kind of content is always let everyone by surprise. They also created the We Love Cycling network magazine, as a center to do a lot of original, fresh and interesting content. Here’s how they play.

SKODA × We Love Cycling


route after go heart

sometimes, products not only represent their own functions, for marketers, whether products or services, or a set of communication process, are trying to keep the heart.

The main products of Skoda

video is a bicycle, but they have to change the angle of a movie, to tell you the bike is not only a means of transport, it can be used to dance, to fly, carrying your love and dream.

powerful drums, beautiful dance, and it seemed to fly. Not floating on the surface of the dream, in order to really stimulate young people’s blood.

route two after creative content


solves a serious problem in a playful way, sometimes in the best possible way.

European bicycle theft rate is very high, an average of every five minutes there is a bike was stolen, theft of car thieves flooding situation seriously affect the lives of local people.

saw this, Skoda bicycle marketing department to do a whim, "2015 European competition"

stole the bike!

the game is the same, and in the three cities to stop a seemingly cheap orange bike to see how long the car will be stolen. So there is a very interesting picture:

this video attracted three million viewers. So popular, it is precisely because of its content to the audience a lot of surprises: the thief normal work, unknowingly put his hand on the property of others. At this point, I do not know where to emerge out of a band began to cheer. The thief forced Meng face appearance, also caused the audience’s curiosity.


after the thief started the smoke bomb, the band played

live commentary and time also makes the audience excited, commentary in the form of clever integration of live sports coverage and TV reality show elements. Creative ideas + video screen + commentary, almost perfect!

this video has also won a number of awards, such as Digiday’s "best content video" in New York

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