Several misunderstandings in enterprise network marketing

although all companies began to get involved in network marketing, but facing such a situation, they spend the same money is different, what is the difference between the enterprise and the enterprise in the end? Below for everyone to summarize the common mistakes of some enterprises in the network marketing.

1, eat hot tofu.

is now the network era, many enterprises have realized the importance of network marketing, but did not know too right for the enterprise marketing, just want to help expand their business through the network and the sale of the products, and also began to do a website, publish some information, a large number of network promotion. But soon the problem appeared, because they did not have a systematic plan started blind promotion, if the past three months is not what effect, like money, immediately stop investment, of course this network

promotion plan is then, presumably they will for a long time on the Internet to lose confidence! In fact, network marketing is a slow process, is anxious eat hot tofu, also need to the analysis of the system according to their own situation, to develop a suitable plan, not only from the construction site and the cost budget and the implementation of the person in charge of the work, such an organized team not to work are lacking spirit of cooperation, arrangements, so as to achieve success.

2, website construction business.

a lot of companies on the site’s understanding is not enough, simply do not realize that the site can also be marketing, the company’s Web site is just as a display, and can not play some of its marketing capabilities. Most companies think the site is the enterprise online brand, the pursuit of the surface of the gorgeous, with particular emphasis on the appearance, regardless of whether the network is compatible with marketing, so, website construction company is also regards the customer is God, make a fuss in the website appearance, improve website cost, greatly neglected the use of enterprise marketing station.

so, here is clear: the fundamental purpose of the website is the network marketing. Web site not only to beautiful, but also practical. Focus on the construction of user experience.

3, blind invalid promotion.

when we access the Internet often will find a lot of spam mail, there are various forums, blogs, message boards, Post Bar what the garbage everywhere all kinds of enterprise law, although the last stage of a little effect, will increase the amount of access can also bring some potential customers, but in the long term, enterprises earn money not for now scars, there is harm to be no good. Now in the age of rampant advertising, we all hate spam, spam and once such an enterprise involved image in the minds of consumers suddenly fall down, I am afraid that jumped into the Yellow River also wash not clear


if the enterprise only because of the promotion of cheap and only see the immediate interests, and

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