The guest on the implicit social media counter attack of the road

companies in the past market strategy is to establish relationships with consumers through traditional advertising or physical stores, but the two have their common problem is that the form of one-way communication, the contact surface of the store is smaller. But since micro-blog, WeChat, app and other popular social media, a sudden increase in pipeline and consumers to communicate directly, and the enterprise market staff to build deeper relationships with customers through social media, so as to increase their loyalty to the enterprise and increase sales, but in fact, the social media is not used by enterprises for most of the market, is also 5 hold a wrong idea of social media, the network promotion Changsha lurkers to talk about:

first, social media is only suitable for some companies

as long as you can find their own target consumer groups in a specific platform, and in an effective way to interact with it, social media is suitable for all businesses. Of course, some enterprises operating social media better, as long as you can use the right method, the use of the real target consumer groups, the same can increase the awareness of enterprises and increase sales. The most important thing is that this promotion means there is no effect, cost and income is better than other promotional techniques.

two, social media marketing difficult

in the network to promote the competitive moment, no matter what kind of methods including social media marketing is a long-term task, micro-blog, WeChat and other enterprises to establish a social networking platform also need to accumulate your community. So please be patient. Especially the enterprise website and social networking platform administrators will find that over time, websites and social platforms will gradually improve, because with increasing number of fans, related content, social media and search engine exposure, will gradually increase, increase the introduction of traffic.

three, social media is threatened by growing crises

executives believe that the platform will be out of control on micro-blog, worried about negative news on the official page. But in fact, regardless of the actual situation of the article out of malice or hype, they have other channels published in the network, but the company can focus on the above processing.

in the face of negative or complaints, administrators can choose to reply, answer questions, but also the right to manage such comments. In addition to the establishment of the official page that companies care about user feedback, and is willing to listen to and meet the needs of users. , in addition to the realization of real-time customer service, more efficient than the telephone service center, management and cost savings. For example, 09 years of Domino’s a historic PR event, a spoof of employee behavior is online pizza, caused by the large number of user response. Finally, CEO had to apologize to it. It then made an important decision to change 50 years of taste, and from the management layer to Domino’s listening to the voices of consumers. Since then, they through the social media, the establishment of an official platform to collect the user’s voice, and then do a good job of pizza, sent to the user’s home, please come to taste, and make changes to Italy

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