Search engine marketing and lead baidenan similarities

With the advent of the

search engine and a large number of enterprises are used to search Qing lead marketing (SEM) is more and more attention, especially in small and medium enterprises. This paper is to talk about the relationship between small and medium enterprises search engine marketing and lead baidenan.

at first glance, how also won’t put stall and SEM together. But if you look carefully, it is not difficult to find among the two have many similarities, and listen to my list:

the first similarity: there is always someone lower than your price

We know that

search Qing lead marketing to business opportunities at the same time, also brought fierce competition. Mainly reflected in the price above. Stall is the same, you can also find someone around you. Why the price is lower than the two all this? The reason is very simple, the cost is low. First look at the cost of SEM, the general small and medium enterprises SEM may be just a few words to optimize their own up, which greatly reduces the cost compared to traditional sales. Look at the stall cost, only need a box, four or five kind of products that can be put to, which is compared to regular stores to greatly reduce the cost of.

second similarities: finding the target group

search engine marketing is one of the key to success is to make the product or service you need to find you, this is to find the target group. Stall is the same, you sell what kind of products, want to choose what kind of situation. For example, you can not sell cutlery on the edge of the school, but choose to sell second-hand books at school.

third similarities: instability

search engine marketing effect is very large fluctuations (of course, this does not include large sums of money to do marketing business), because the search engine rankings change very quickly. This point is very like a street vendor, you may sell a lot of products today, tomorrow may be a never sold.

is more than three SEM and baidenan. In fact there are many similarities, interested friends can continue to add. Thank you for taking the time to read this article, welcome Paizhuan!

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