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ovulation bleeding treatment

ovulation bleeding treatment of traditional Chinese medicine need dialectical treatment, such women can generally be divided into three categories. The symptoms of kidney yin deficiency patients showed less, often reddish color, Yaoxisuanruan or dizziness and tinnitus, easily upset hot. Chinese medicine in the treatment of nourishing kidney yin and hemostatic mainly. Ovulation bleeding treatment of traditional Chinese medicine prescription: rehmannia, Ligustrum, Eclipta, Poria and Rhizoma Dioscoreae, Cornus officinalis, Paeonol and Alisma Decoction Together take.

ovulation bleeding usually occurs in the middle of the menstrual period, because the level of estrogen, endometrial hormone support, leading to endometrial shedding, which lead to regular bleeding. Chinese medicine called the interval bleeding. Each woman may have been such a situation, the amount of bleeding is generally small. But some women are different, bleeding symptoms are obvious. The ovulation bleeding treatment of traditional Chinese medicine?

ovulation bleeding may be caused by damp heat, this kind of patient symptoms of menstrual vaginal bleeding, but leucorrhea is thick, bloodshot, color is yellow, emitting foul. Often feel pain easily upset, belly bulge. This kind of ovulation bleeding treatment should focus on clearing heat, menstruation bleeding. The prescription of Chinese medicine can use white atractylodes rhizome, coix seed, Cyathula root and root bark of Ailanthus, phellodendron, Rhizoma alismatis and Plantago Decoction Together take.

addition, female blood stasis can cause ovulation bleeding. Main symptoms of menstrual bleeding, small amount, but the color is dark purple, often appear some small blood clots, abdominal pain, mood depression. Chinese medicine for this kind of patients, the treatment for blood stasis, menstruation bleeding. You can use a prescription of Chinese medicine, red peony root, peach kernel and angelica, Cortex Moutan, Fructus aurantii, turtle and 37 powder Decoction taking.

There are more than three kinds of traditional Chinese medicine treatment methods for

ovulation bleeding. Of course, patients should pay attention to daily maintenance. Keep your spirits up and avoid emotional excitement. Menstrual abdominal or breast pain, fatigue, irritability and other manifestations of sleepiness is a normal phenomenon. In addition, ovulation should pay attention to health, to avoid infection. External genitalia to keep clean. May not have sex. Don’t drink more blood sugar.

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