Online shopping fake commodities are frequent this month crackdown selling electricity supplier

online shopping is becoming more and more popular, but consumers buy fake and shoddy goods things still happen. According to the online consumer chaos, the State Administration for Industry and Commerce will this month to carry out the Red Shield network sword special action crackdown by Internet sales of counterfeit and shoddy goods and trademark infringement, the overall will continue until November.

according to the quality of network goods consumers are more concerned about, this special action will be online trading platform, shopping website, group purchase website and focus on remediation goals, key regulatory areas including electronic products, children’s products, car accessories, and clothing, cosmetics and agricultural. At the same time, relying on basic data, focusing on the protection of well-known trademarks, foreign trade marks and geographical indications products. During the third party platform business qualifications, and even part of the seller’s sales will be the focus of inspection. Will be dealt with according to law, vigorously exposure online sales of fake and shoddy goods major cases, even shut down a number of illegal business website shop.

in this regard, the industry believes that the luxury business or to accelerate the agricultural products and the electricity supplier in the field of reshuffle, to create a healthy and orderly business environment, allow consumers to buy genuine goods at a fair price online merchandise.

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