Listen to a lot of truth, still do a good job of social marketing

review: listen to a lot of reasons, still too bad in this life. "Never ever meet again" finish reading this sentence suddenly Lenovo to the matter of social marketing

listened to a lot of truth, still bad life. "Never ever meet again" finish reading this sentence suddenly Lenovo to the matter of social marketing, especially when you can see the street just doubled the truth, someone say "the age of the Internet is playing fans economy" "fun Internet XX", in fact, sometimes really want to ask, this group of people talk a lot of nonsense. There are a few really done a real brand, and with a social media marketing brand has experienced the ups and downs of the day.

I’m afraid not many people are experienced, because those people focusing instead on things which have time to write these assorted things ah. Every business do not see the case, about a bunch of people mixed the chat chat East West, think of a so-called "ideal" theory is around "sermons" suddenly, I really want to ask these people: you really understand marketing


, BS, a master of the so-called marketing assorted tucao.

fans economy

really want to know, every day they preach millet. But in the end how the actual management of millet fans know that millet fans management experience for the general business, we can learn how much?

, I strongly believe that social media plays an important role in brand communication, but not every brand must be done in accordance with the number of fans millet? The establishment of the importance of small companies to create channels is much greater than the so-called fans.

advocated "fans economy, rather than economic fans have as early as twenty years ago, at that time, although different media, but all major brands of TV advertising and street wide hard, no one is holding to attract fans eye, finally let the fans convincing to do an active communicator. So want to fan the economy and so too high to be reached? Past and now the only difference is that TV media era we don’t know where the fans, and now fans there, you see how to "seduce".

do you have any new media and old media?

I have thrown this issue to a 4A’s chief strategy officer. He laughed after hearing it, he said: in fact, every time there will always be some new media. But you can’t say they’re new. To know from a historical point of view, the concept of branding and communication has not changed. Through the emotional content so that the brand fullness, and then extend the content in different media.

from a certain point of view, the so-called "new media" is really bad for everyone to play. In the final analysis is only the reform of the media, the brand and the spread of the core things never changed. Some impetuous marketers, first to practice basic skills, sometimes "one minute fun", from a long-term perspective.

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