Ma Yun talk about rural electricity supplier poor infrastructure to bring opportunities for electric


technology news December 18th evening news, the Guangdong Provincial People’s government and the Alibaba Group signed a strategic cooperation agreement in Guangzhou today, the two sides will cooperate in the field of the e-commerce, cloud computing and big data, cross-border e-commerce, intelligent logistics backbone network, build the Alibaba Southern China regional center, jointly promote industrial restructuring and upgrading of Guangdong.

according to the agreement, the Alibaba will actively participate in the county of Guangdong Province, the electronic commerce and the information construction in rural areas, promote the "on-line Chinese characteristics – Guangdong Museum", in the conditions of the county building Taobao featured Museum; carry out a pilot rural electronic commerce in a county town village. At the same time, Guangdong province will increase financial support for small and medium-sized enterprise informatization, promote small and medium-sized enterprises of electric shock on the cloud, support the professional town, industrial cluster and Alibaba docking platform to further promote the "guanghuo network".

Alibaba will focus on the layout of intelligent logistics backbone network project in Guangdong, the first in the Pearl River Delta to build the backbone of China’s regional logistics hub node. Guangzhou, Dongguan, to speed up the completion of Shenzhen, Zhongshan smart logistics backbone network construction projects, and improve in Foshan, Huizhou and other places of the layout, and ultimately form a complete logistics network system covering the Pearl River Delta, Guangdong, Hong Kong and macao. Guangdong will vigorously develop cloud computing and big data, cloud computing center in Shenzhen, Southern China.

Alibaba said, "with the Guangdong million village 1000 county planning, there will be 3 years in 50 counties opened about ten thousand village service, the villagers can be more convenient to buy daily necessities and agricultural Alibaba, in the shopping platform at the same time, the quality of agricultural products and rural specialty will be through the village of Amoy platform Alibaba transfer out.

chairman of the board of directors of Alibaba Ma said when the rural electricity supplier, Alibaba’s success, I am very grateful to this era, thanks to the Internet, thanks to the support of the people of the country. But we have also benefited from the incompleteness of the original Chinese commercial infrastructure. The development of e-commerce in the United States is not good, because the United States business environment is very good, e-commerce is only a supplement to it. Internet banking in China’s development is good, but also because of the development of China’s financial industry is subject to a variety of limitations, while the United States does not have Internet banking, because the U.S. financial development is very complete.

Ma Yun said that Ali will increase investment in rural financial industry, increase rural e-commerce logistics investment, especially in the rural areas to the new generation of e-commerce, we start from now on the first day, unlike Taobao and Tmall is not the technology built on the cloud top, the rural e-commerce on our first day, is to the technical platform is mounted on the big data cloud computing. Our rural e-commerce will allow farmers to more convenient, more efficient use of e-commerce, so that he is more convenient to buy things, things will be more convenient to sell. (munan)

is the following Ma speech summary:

respected governor, Governor Liu, we are very, very honored and excited to be able to

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