Tmall’s 11.11 other electricity providers do not support the occasion

news October 24th, while Tmall is a violent campaign, while other electricity providers quench, this year eleven may be Tmall solo, while other electricity providers may avoid the 11.11 day, choose to launch other promotional methods to attract consumers to.


eleven dual store Qingyuan four years ago on November 11th day, then gradually developed into a Tmall the most important promotional activities throughout the year, Tmall this year to double eleven uniform diameter is called 11.11. Tmall for their own creation of Internet users pay great attention to the festival this year, even two months ahead of time to prepare, and I hope this will be the industry to create a holiday.

but this year many electricity providers not to double eleven deliberately propaganda, but choose to avoid or do activities in the double eleven, double eleven, but no large-scale publicity, hope occasion and not their own money to spend energy to rally.

other businesses for more than eleven propaganda, Tmall benefit more. Because this is his invention, the entire electricity supplier industry make more powerful, Tmall can make full use of the momentum. Many electricity providers in the last year has been eating this loss." An electricity supplier practitioners said.

10 this month, Jingdong mall began a month of Desert Storm promotional activities. The month long promotion will end in November 12th and the last three days will be the top priority. Although the focus is also on the double eleven period, but the Jingdong is not a double focus. "We will be in accordance with the rhythm of Jingdong to do promotions." Jingdong said.

Tencent’s business platform QQ online shopping "berserk festival activities started today. QQ online shopping operations director Wu Haiquan said that in the last three days of the event, is expected to have more than 50 businesses sales break million, 500 businesses sales break million, will attract at least 20 million consumers to come shopping.

also known as 11·, Dangdang Dangdang; 9 hot action "13 anniversary also has been opening, and will usher in the climax in November 9th. Also successfully avoided the impact of Tmall’s 11.11. has said there will be eleven in double action, but it is not revealed.

for the electricity supplier companies, taking advantage of the 11.11 is a very wise choice. On the one hand, since 11.11 is Tmall, Tmall launched a promotional front and in the 11.11 day is likely to help Tmall made the situation; on the other hand, due to the Tmall 11.11, consumers will reduce in the shopping behavior of Tmall in 11.11 after all, and this is where the opportunity for other electricity providers.

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