Taobao home in mid September will be revised into the SNS social features

The front page of Taobao

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[TechWeb] reported on September 5th news, according to insiders Ali, since Taobao will be home on 2006 in mid September a comprehensive revision, revision will increase SNS social function, emphasizing personalized and regional development, at the same time the number of pictures will be more.

it is understood that the biggest change is the highlight of the revised SNS, the main body of the home page will become SNS products love amoy". Ali introduced, love Amoy in the form of a similar Sina micro-blog information flow, users can focus on their favorite businesses and people, to accept their release of goods and other useful information. This will greatly enhance the interaction between Taobao customers, enhance customer stickiness.

then emphasize individuality and regional integration is another important changes in this revision, the so-called personalized through technical means, according to the user’s shopping habits and preferences recommend the history of love brand in the Tmall home page, this will be a way to show the internal Ali called "thousand faces". The regionalization refers to the different regions of the customer recommend different goods, and strengthen the regional consumption attributes.

insiders pointed out that the biggest change in the Ali revision is to emphasize the personalization and regional differences, emphasizing the interactive features, which are consistent with the development trend of the market.

he also pointed out that the revision is not just the adjustment of the page, behind the changes in operational ideas and strategies. For many Taobao businesses, it means that the rules of the game change, quickly adapt to the new rules, has become a new business issues. (eight)

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