How social media to drive the rise of social electricity supplier


technology news (Lin Jingdong) August 4th Beijing time news, research institutions BII famous technology blog BusinessInsider’s recently published a research report, analysis of some companies and business models through the successful case of social media business strategy based on statistical cases, the gap behind the conversion of social business data and various social platforms in the order value, analyzes the reasons of the success of Pinterest development potential in the field of social business and Facebook in the field of social business.

overall use of social media platforms are growing, many consumers every day to log on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest and other social platforms to the top paste, twitter and nail pictures released. Retailers and brand manufacturers are increasingly concerned about social business.

but there’s another question: how can we translate the social behavior of consumers into the income of social platforms, and social media can really be a source of revenue or traffic?

research and survey, BII for the social commerce market summed up some of the trends, they will be social media into a viable business platform. These trends are as follows:

1, the rise of mobile:

The rise of

mobile means that consumers can compare prices at any time and anywhere and seek advice from friends. Overall, the mobile share has reached 40% in the social media to attract consumers in time; among them, the mobile Facebook share has more than 50% consumers in time, the share of Pinterest reached 48%.

according to the social networking platform Addshoppers statistics, Facebook and Pinterest in the social media and e-commerce sales accounted for the total share of the total has exceeded 56%. As the number of mobile devices will continue to increase, so the proportion will continue to rise.

due to the growing concern about the brand of social media, coupled with the vigorous development of the mobile market, social media is bound to abandon the traditional display advertising business model and turn to the emerging social business model.


in social media inspired shopping behavior, how much is carried out by mobile devices?

2, the rise of the visual network:


sites such as Tumblr, Pinterest, Instagram and Wanelo, a collection of all kinds of different shopping concept, they have become the vanguard of fashion. For example, the results of a recent survey by Zmags, a mobile directory, found that 63% of online shoppers said they were going to use the web directory, while another 35% of consumers said they were

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