Vertical electricity supplier can go through the winter

2012 is the vertical electricity supplier in the winter, many vertical B2C have experienced a catastrophe. From the supplier payment default blocked library to D web, on the verge of delisting "Chinese supplier first unit Mcglaughlin, then to job losses in wages storm respect, cool catwalk, WOOHA the luxury website, a year to the vertical electric providers have not fared well. Vertical electricity supplier can go through the cold winter, ushered in the spring, the author from the vertical type of electricity supplier encountered the reasons for the winter and measures can be taken to analyze.

vertical electricity supplier suffered winter reasons

1, suffered capital dilemma. From the beginning of the second half of 2011, the rapid decline in China’s e-commerce investment boom, the entire electricity supplier market downturn into the capital dilemma". The vertical electric business is very difficult to find a new round of financing, not the same as the previous two years burn smashing advertising buy around traffic. No capital supply, the development of vertical electricity supplier difficult.

2, platform based electricity supplier rapid expansion. In the face of platform based electricity supplier have traffic, brand, users and financial advantages, vertical electricity supplier is almost unable to resist, retreat. For example, specializing in maternal and child products red child, this has been in the maternal industry occupies a dominant position, but was recently acquired by

3, the operation of goods are basically popular, standardized goods. Low gross profit margin, high cost, high marketing costs. Some vertical electric business category consumption cycle is long, often do not need to repeat purchase, it is difficult to form a continuous viscous, only through the market to attract new users to maintain sales market, the high cost of.

4, just do merchandise category vertical, in terms of goods and services, there is no difference between Taiwan and Taiwan electricity supplier.

can be seen from the above analysis, face vertical electricity supplier’s external environment, internal development is slow, in the environment of vertical domestic trouble and foreign invasion, the electricity supplier how to survive the winter, ushered in the spring of their own, I think we can from the following two aspects to carry out self-help.

vertical electricity supplier how the winter?

1, to strengthen the development of its own brand, to provide personalized products and services, improve their profit margins. Such as Le bee network, the development of its own brand, static good brand. The original music peak just as a cosmetic platform of B2C channels, low margin to only a dozen points, also have to pay the logistics, manpower and marketing costs, but also guaranteed to be authentic, profit is very low, but the development of its own brand, margin to 50%-60%. At the same time preparing to integrate its star resources to star as the center of the people, the introduction of a commodity with star characteristics. Take the first step in a personalized breakthrough.

2, open platform providers, complementary resources. Vertical electricity supplier should be able to take advantage of its core competitiveness, and category more complete flow of more platform to share the user market. As in’s acquisition of red child at the same time, Le bee, best buy has with

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