Cross border electricity supplier continues to heat up the shopping guide website to join hundreds o

in recent years, with the rise of foreign consumption heat, cross-border shopping sites continue to heat up, a large number of foreign goods into the country. Although the relevant departments of the state began to implement the new cross-border electricity tax policy in April 8th, but cross-border trade has become a trend, brings convenience to the ordinary people, is gradually changing people’s ideas and life, "Internet plus" and "cross-border electricity supplier to become the new hot industry. In this environment, the domestic well-known shopping guide website 100 net price timely restructuring, cross-border shopping began to test the water at the end of 2015, the launch of the global sale of micro mall, enter the cross-border shopping market, and officially launched a price net global sale PC mall recently.

as a well-known shopping site, a price net has been "recommended for users to save money online shopping goods of high quality" for the purpose, and a special column of the sea Amoy goods shopping guide, provide for overseas consumers to buy goods from the shopping guide information, the process of domestic users a huge demand for foreign goods. As early as December 2015, a price net will open the global sale of micro mall, starting from the mobile terminal, to enter the field of cross-border electricity supplier transformation. Hope to be able to rely on many years of shopping guide service experience, and through the depth of cooperation with the international well-known brands, to provide domestic users with exclusive price advantage of overseas boutique.

days ago, 100 net price ( PC end of the global sale mall has also been on the line, provide baby toys, cosmetics, beauty and health care digital Home Furnishing delicacy special offer overseas boutique for domestic users. According to the price of 100 net COO Yu Ling introduced, in order to allow users to enjoy more high-quality goods and services overseas, the company in the UK in January 2016 set up a number of search International Holdings Limited, and the establishment of the procurement center in the United States, Australia, Japan, South Korea and other international logistics through the origin of goods, direct mail, entry in the domestic free trade zone or bonded area, then delivery to customers hands, and from the procurement of goods to logistics, customs clearance, distribution to monitor the whole process, to ensure that users receive the goods overseas genuine original.

Ms. Yu Ling said, hundred price net transition makes cross-border shopping guide website is very simple, the original model has been unable to adapt to the further development of a price network demand, and cross-border electricity supplier is a new and promising industry, the price per network into cross-border electricity industry will be as in the past to create a better quality of life for the purpose of the consumer, and uphold the integrity, professional attitude, to represent the world high-quality products to domestic users, so that everyone can buy, affordable, affordable real quality foreign goods. To help people update their lifestyles, improve the quality of life at the same time, but also to seek their own development and take off, to achieve an early realization of China’s cross-border e-commerce leading enterprises vision.

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