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a lot of people around the nipple will be some thin hair, not just boys, girls will have. The hair is around the nipple by hormones cause (puberty, pregnancy, medication), is a normal phenomenon. But if you suddenly have a large number of hair around the nipple hyperplasia, it is likely to be caused by polycystic ovary syndrome, hypothyroidism type of disease caused by this time, it is recommended to go to see a doctor!

has a film that likens the nipple to the chest. Although a bit nonsensical, but also it is always affects women’s health. Do you know enough about your eyes? This time I want to tell you a little bit about the nipple!

ancient human hair covered, when cold papillary muscles around the start operation, let the hair stand to keep warm, now humans no hair, the same mechanism is still in operation, causing the nipple erection.

sexual excitement when the nipple why

why cold when erectile phenomenon

nipple itching normal

general situation, if you really don’t love the nipple around hair, the same can be compared with normal hair removal procedures, shaver shave, just do not use chemical agents in hair removal creams and so on, so as not to stimulate the skin near to the nipple.

how is the phenomenon of milk secretion.

why is there a hair on the nipple

does not have sexual stimulation when the nipple why

sitting in the office, or on the road, suddenly feel like nipple itch, and itch, people can not help but want to put his hand in his underwear in a catch that catch itch! Usually the nipple itch is not what good phenomenon, possible reasons for this phenomenon in addition to material underwear you allergic to, dry skin, serious situation is likely to be breast cancer precursors, Paget’s disease of the nipple.

interesting to come, the smooth muscle tissue actually do not know the difference between caress and clothing friction? That’s why it’s okay to stand up for it!

although not all women are like this, and will produce the phenomenon of women are not always stimulated will nipple erection nipple stimulation, but in sexual life, it plays a very important part of. A physical reason for this phenomenon is produced, we have a smooth muscle around the areola muscle tissue when stimulated smooth muscle contraction will cause nipple, erectile phenomenon. Some women may even be able to orgasm by nipple stimulation, because women’s brains use the same way to interpret the nipples and genitals.

remember, if your nipples often feel itching, don’t think that is a normal phenomenon, and quickly reflect on your underwear is not clean, or you are not dressed for your underwear material. If you exclude underwear, itching phenomenon is really very serious, that is to go to the hospital to check better!

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