nventory micro PK traditional electricity supplier who will win gamble

recently, a micro business challenge the traditional electricity supplier news in the business circle spread. In the event source at the end of the 2015 cross-border e-commerce summit micro business forum, Han’s CEO challenge Chen Yuxin beam micro capital founder of spruce spruce, under a 5 million gamble, bet your micro channel make the traditional electricity supplier channels each other.

coincidentally, a few days ago to a veteran soldier friends gathering line, arrived at the scene found friends twelve four people are doing micro business, doing a month income is best to go to 50 thousand, the worst is 10 thousand. Even a former colleague of the former staff of less than half a year after passing through the circle of friends to sell clothes, and now a month’s income is not worse than when the company employed.

no doubt, micro business will definitely be one of the hottest Internet vocabulary in 2015. Ma Huateng in March this year, NPC and CPPCC to answer a reporter’s question, for the micro business is also sure to micro business practitioners 14th, micro business as the spring breeze comes suddenly, seems to have become the mainstream of the electricity supplier.

now that even Ali does not sit, launched their own "Amoy shop" to seize the derivative market. Veterans can not help but ask, what is micro business? Do micro business really make money? Really promising?

what is a micro quotient?

if you want to micro business under the definition of a macro point, veterans believe that all business models based on the mobile terminal can be called a micro business. The narrow sense of understanding is the WeChat business model based on here is included in the public and circle of friends with WeChat products sold in two modes, the former Tmall B2C platform similar to Ali platform, more suitable for enterprise behavior has strong financial strength, which is similar to Ali C2C platform Taobao market, more suitable for individual entrepreneurs. For example, we often see in the circle of friends to sell the mask belongs to the latter category.

What are the categories of

micro operators?

· the first is the micro marketing model.

many companies understand for micro business or simply stay in the WeChat marketing level, and in fact WeChat marketing should be the derivative need one of strategic layout, and not all. Really powerful micro providers should be focused on the ecological layout of the entire mobile Internet, mobile terminal access to all can be used is the main battlefield. Mobile phones, Baidu, Taobao, micro-blog and other mobile terminals have huge traffic potential. While looking at the entire micro business, to the realm of micro marketing very few enterprises.

· the second category is WeChat marketing model.

said here WeChat marketing refers to the use of WeChat public accounts to carry out marketing enterprises. According to data released by WeChat, the total number of public WeChat has more than 8 million, and not all of the companies opened the WeChat public numbers are doing micro business. At least for now, most companies are still stuck in a simple addition of powder, as to how to activate the fans how to transform them not

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