t’s hard to do 2000P alliance to do 50 pieces of money account closure

since 07 years the mortal music transfer to 9ku after almost do not want to do a personal website, only when the usual work will often visit figure King Admin5 and fish im286, to see a lot of new advertising alliance in the above, usually do not see how long do those ads there will be a lot of complaints such as posts! In now advertising environment a lot.

a few months this feel that the company did not pay much attention to yourself at work, more time in Admin5 and im286 around, and in August when Marx maxcms to update the new version, the function is all I want, and the site of the idea, thinking of his original and crust animation stand in hanging on the company’s servers, and there are one thousand hundreds of IP, then MAXCMS is set up to be updated, but the change is changed for almost a month to complete the revision of an animation stand. The original every day in Baidu Post Bar in drainage to keep abreast of

!When the

at the end of October in a movie webmaster QQ group have a webmaster said his more than 1 thousand advertising words can make money 50 yuan a week, then think of what window bomb advertising alliance is really so good? And many owners do show their Baidu union advertising effect there are hundreds of dollars a day, his station traffic is not much, I think it also try a pop-up ads. But I began to see the 52tian play a 37cs.com ad, but there are a few customers are doing, that should be good, should have the credibility to me where they apply for an account, find a customer account audit, audit she is diligent, asked me how I said there are about more than 1 thousand IP well, I think they said the flow of small, I do not do that, alas, to hear those words really helpless people, no gas station small fame, but ah, is probably the famous League, I look down on this site, I don’t bird you, never hard to explain what the meaning of the scalp


and Admin5 to find pop alliance, see network media for a first day of advertising when the animation station all the play page put the pop-up ads, see 200 times to 2 times the settlement began, do not know what it meant, then they told me to change the ordinary bomb window effect a little bit better the 200 time around 60, the first 2 dollars, "lucky" my website is finally beginning to make money. OMG, two dollars are enough to pay the fee, then throw a think of more than one vote not to hear the song music station, began almost 5 a day, thinking anyway, garbage station 2000 to IP on advertising is useless, day 5 is also good, a there can also be one hundred or two hundred months. Finally done more than and 10 days made 50 dollars, think it is waiting to receive 50 yuan, 07 years to the present bank card has no income on the Internet advertising, there is little hope, at noon today to work while also check the hair without payment, or see in the settlement, late.

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