Summary and Prospect of micro-blog network marketing in 2011

New Year’s bell ringing in our motherland, over the past year, micro-blog’s achievement: 200 million Sina micro-blog users, 300 million users of micro-blog Tencent, the amount of information every day about eighty million landing and one hundred and twenty million, more than 1 thousand a day, a total of tens of thousands of Online ongoing activities, micro-blog declared the advent of the era of micro-blog era has arrived! That led to a personal information dissemination mechanism changes, the user had formed a new influence. How to make use of micro-blog’s influence, combined with the further expansion of search engine marketing online activities and brand exposure, will be 2012 all advertisers continue to focus on new research and market issues.

more and more advertisers need to increase their exposure through micro-blog marketing, brand influence; micro-blog marketing channels are divided into content producers, planning companies and technology companies:


content maker, general account group generated content, or by micro-blog on behalf of the operating company responsible for the operation, operation will save a lot of time and labor costs, but also produce timely processing, cultural conflict, and there may be cheating, generally if the average amount of each forwarding in micro-blog around 1 is normal, if the number of micro-blog account fans large and forwarding quantity is low then the great degree is cheating.

planning company’s advantage is that it has a professional planning team, familiar with micro-blog culture, but also the content of the planning can also have a good effect.

technology will develop a variety of applications to attract clicks, you can quickly and easily integrate the user, access to fans and expand influence, but if you do not click and participate in the proliferation of meaningless.

micro-blog marketing implementation by short and long term target classification;

short-term goal is to public relations, diversion, promotion and promotion for the purpose of marketing, long-term goal is focused on brand promotion, fan accumulation and core training.

standard is the long-term goal of fans and fans of the quality, the quality of the number of fans, activity, the average amount of comments and achieve long-term goals is not forwarded to the micro-blog marketing decision is to increase the number of fans is simple, to achieve long-term goals need to account packaging, to attract fans attention, to provide quality content to attract fans to provide forwarding. Interactive topic to interact with the fans.

to achieve long-term goals so we must first clear the purpose of the establishment of account, optimize the content, including language style, taste and full copy content, while around the user preferences adjusted to content; focus on the user’s quality is higher than the amount at the same time, through interaction with the user profile of users active degree, and spread through the high frequency of exposure to diffusion the content and brand to attract more attention to you! More hit the target population, propagation channel size is not equal to all segments and professional is more important, only good content will have a better spread! The topic of attention to the female breast breast web feeds, for reprint please indicate very >

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