Enterprise website construction market will continue to chaos

The enterprise website construction is the field since the Internet entered China began to blossom everywhere in China, from the early millions of site, and then hundreds of thousands, or even hundreds of blocks to now two million and three thousand price, the interpretation of the website construction market turmoil mingled with the website construction on the basis of market practitioners of the blood.

      it was called into the 2007 year, the industry peers to improve the overall price level, even to the real estate developers as the study object, I think the situation will not appear, enterprise website construction market will continue to muddle along. Why? Why the enterprise website employees and the company can’t get high profits and acquire the good ecological environment, why most of our company website lamented today’s market really do? Look, the price war competition will be badly mutilated, meager profits cannot be compressed to low… In the city high streets and back lanes are network company, or even the name card printing shop can engage in stately to provide customers with website construction service? Such a market situation will go?

      I think that market chaos will continue.

      at present in the domestic market on the whole construction site for lucrative there are basically two enterprises: in the power and the mainone two companies, which is better in the power. The rate of success is not due to his technique, is the company behind the understanding and status of Internet based services market Chinese capital advantage. The company with its unique run business way and all over the world branches and hard cover for almost the entire market salesman, silly private bosses in the "electronic commerce" and "informatization" good words and exquisite design and took out tens of thousands or the website construction costs change back is a self-help Station system generates add a graphic design website, so as to China digital in the capital market of good performance support. But the school is not the other domestic qiyexue Zhongqi, his mode you can’t copy, even if you are not willing to go to the enterprise such as our marketing, many companies still cares about enterprise’s reputation.
1, corporate website construction technology threshold is too low, too rampant. From the school lira a computer system, or even better than students of the computer department, a few days of training or simply do self-study, difficult "for them are not too much. What’s more, the current domestic enterprise website construction program language is mainly ASP and PHP, the technical threshold is almost 0.

a: open the barrier free resources, source station is too much, too, a large number of enterprise website source code can be downloaded for free, often also re lazy people make only superficial changes, is a direct change site title can become a business station. Open source system layer.

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