3D+VR technology using LED display screen you have seen

mentioned 3D first surfaced in the present is the cinema is popular 3D movie or novel 3D TV, their realization principle is very simple, is to use the eyes of the person from the perspective of difference and convergence function made by the three-dimensional effect of film. Appeared in 1922. This video showing two images overlap on the screen, the audience’s special glasses or front radial half conical lens grating, so that the audience to see the left eye shot from the left view screen, right eye see shooting from right from the perspective of the picture, through the eyes of the convergence function, synthesis of three-dimensional visual images.


in the 50s of the last century, black and white film and black and white TV into color, from 2D to 3D is a natural process. Whether it is artificial intelligence or VR technology, from the moment they swept the trends, are extremely accurate to convey such a message: people are no longer satisfied with the information received from the company unilaterally, but tend to be more involved, like many young people are talking like that, we should not only the results, but also in the process of feeling stronger.


virtual reality is a new type of 3D rendering. This technology has recently received widespread attention. Now there are a lot of people have experienced virtual reality head, and in the next few years there will be more people to experience the technology. The VR header is not created by filtering the content from the external screen, but instead of generating its own binocular image and presenting it directly to the corresponding eye. VR head usually contains two micro display (one of the left eye, right eye), their realistic avatar will be magnified and adjusted by the optical components, and displayed in a specific location in front of the user.


If the

display resolution is high enough, the hardware equipment is large enough (for example, LED electronic display), magnification image will be higher, so the user will see the wider field of view, and immersion experience will be better also, augmented reality head was also becoming more common. Augmented reality technology can integrate the digital world and the real world.

the following picture is the color of the morning when the LED display engineer debugging mobile phone shooting 3D display, the actual effect of the need to use special eyes to watch and enjoy.


put on the device after the renderings


feel personally on the scene every movement of diamond cutting; let people see the delicacy and unable to hide greeds swoop; witness advertisement legs Obama with a smile to you. Each screen is a heartbeat stop, walk the road to the development of science and technology at this moment, high-definition screen interactive era has come, what are you waiting for?

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