An e-commerce website customer service experience

In fact,

carefully calculate, himself in the construction of electronic commerce in this industry just over two years, this year, there was laughter, have disappointed the taste, it is the five mixed, experienced a lot, but in the process, learned a lot of knowledge, I would like to talk about some. Don’t pay attention to the details for the e-commerce sites, the hope can help to you, make your site more excellent.

business customer service experience


is the electronic commerce website construction, so in this process, the customer service system is a very important place, I have also done customer service, one of the biggest experience, greatly improve their communicative ability, the network service is our realistic sales, as a good customer service so, the thing is not necessarily real sales less, sometimes more. In fact, in my own time service, just started, he is sitting beside the computer, waiting for customers to consult, but a few days later, a customer is not, at that time also very puzzled, why is it? The most memorable one, and is also the customer talking, I feel pretty good, but in the end they went, what did not. He is busy for a white, the heart is a bit angry, just think later, own this approach really is wrong, not to be there, waiting for customers to consult, they have to actively communicate with the customer’s good, so I will be active and customer contact, feeling like this still very good, sometimes, the customer is like this, we will use the best service to attract our customers, so that we can have a better harvest and growth in the aspects of customer service.

personal understanding: customer service is the first time to contact with the customer, so to the best service attitude and emotion, take seriously every customer.

business website perfect build

to build a good e-commerce site, which is essential for our construction of a perfect whole website, a good website will attract more Internet users attention, this is a must.

in the art design of the website, we can not remember, the whole page is the picture, this will give our customers a giddy feeling, feeling this website does not have what substantive things, feeling the whole website is empty, so in the art design of the website, we should remember this place not too prominent focus on art, we can properly add some text to our website, especially our main products, this will make our users can know more clearly, our website is a kind of website in the end.

After the

website art good, is a continuous update for our whole website content, e-commerce website construction, website content is essential, continuous updates for us.

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