The consumer online shopping website suffered a deletion of a single B2C light heavy selling service

consumer purchase was deleted single

recently, the reporter on the personal micro-blog, received a net name to fly ah fly, the reader Mr. Meng sent complaints. Mr. Meng reflect, in November 25, 2010 and November 26th two days continuously in the two well-known B2C site – Jingdong and online shopping mall – have been met, no reason to delete a single website". After taking the goods, the order was mysteriously empty, resulting in shopping is not, but also almost caused the loss of money.

Meng believes that although the deletion of a single amount involved is very small, but after a series of two failed online shopping experience has allowed him to B2C transactions have questioned……

Jingdong Mall:

payment was successfully deleted single

November 25, 2010, Mr. Meng said by friends that Jingdong has a special picnic picnic activities on the Internet, the original price of 688 yuan picnic bag, now only sell $49. After hearing the news, immediately log on the website of Mr. meng. At the same time, Mr. Meng learned that the use of mobile wallet can also get a full 100 yuan to return to the red envelopes of preferential activities in Jingdong online payment of $60. In order to pay the mobile phone can get the full 100 yuan to participate in activities, Mr. Meng has purchased online in 2 pack a picnic and a little small make up 100 yuan, with Mobile Phone Wallet (60 yuan cash + original 40 yuan mobile phone red) completed orders (Order No. 30393265) payment.

can be used in the mobile phone to pay the success of Mr. Meng did not take long, he found his payment orders have been deleted. Mr. Meng found in the log in "my orders" mall Jingdong, any information system before its order has been unable to find paid, but his mobile phone had previously paid leave records. As a member of the Jingdong Diamond members of Mr. Meng uneven road: Fortunately, there is a record of orders in the mobile payment to prove, otherwise it would not be clear!

subsequently, Mr. Meng contacted the Jingdong customer service, the other said that this picnic bag temporarily out of stock, only to refund 200 points (equivalent to $20). Because shopping is not successful, Mr. Meng want to participate in the full 100 yuan to send a red envelope activities can only be canceled by 60 yuan. However, until Mr. Meng complained to the labor newspaper before, it received only 60 yuan of cash returned by the Jingdong, but also the difference of $40 and related points were not returned.

reporter Mr. Meng’s call the Jingdong customer service, the other said will find Mr. Meng for its return related money. As of press time, the reporter learned from the consumer "delete" disputes resolved, Jingdong a total return Mengxiansheng 500 points (equivalent to 50 yuan), including the original 40 yuan mobile phone payment has not been returned, and other compensation of 100 points (equivalent to 10 yuan).

spike 9 yuan phone orders were cleared

November 26, 2010, Mr. Meng in the new.

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