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company boss every day? This is a week to work only 4 days of the start-up company Treehouse CEO Ryan Carson (pictured above) on a typical day, you feel tired live better than him? Perhaps we can see from here:

CEO are a microcosm of life

Ryan get up at 4:54 every day, and then start the day at 5:10. He first used Trello (lightweight team collaboration and list management platform), Team Grantt (Google calendar and team work plan application) view work and planning, twenty minutes a week and plan to spend day after this work.

started at 5:30, and he spent 1.5 hours studying the company’s overall plan. In two hours, belongs to the family of time, Ryan began working full-time work according to plan.

he has 1.5 hours of physical activity a day, and then an hour before lunch to meet with the director of the team this week to complete the task, to talk about the product and adjust the plan.

does not have a nap time, starting at 12:30, he will work for a long period of time in accordance with the plan, and at 3:30 to participate in an online meeting of half an hour of the product department. After that he will work until six.

takes a nap at ten in the evening, he also uses Reeder to read the blog post, the end of the day’s work.

in the blog, the CEO also referred to his every Sunday as part of the changes and the main direction of work as CEO:

most of my working day schedule is so, and according to different working days I will work with different people or meeting to discuss.

usually I meet with one of my managers every day: Monday: product department; Tuesday: video and technical department; Wednesday HR and executive branch; Thursday: Sales and marketing department.

will probably have 6 or more people on the Go To Meeting team meeting every Thursday, reporting on the work of their respective teams to ensure that everyone is in the same process.

we used to have an online conference held by the company every Monday, but when the number is over 25, the Go To Meeting software is no longer supported. In fact, the company needs to often hear from me, so I am considering a weekly video to let the company know the company in the general direction of the process.

I really do a lot of things when the company has fewer than 25 people. I’ve written newsletters, crawled through boxes, emails, and made marketing strategies. But now that we have 50 full-time employees, I spend all my time on the "control of the direction of navigation", especially if you are thinking of the work of the route plan, tracking the

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